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October 2011

New Targets of Drastic Change – WHAT COUNCIL HASN’T TOLD YOU!

Warning!  3, 4 and 5 storey developments outside Doncaster Hill are coming to EVEN MORE side streets throughout Manningham.    Non-Urban areas are not safe either. Warandyte, Park Orchards, watch out. VOICE YOUR CONCERNS!     – Tell others, download our flyer and hand it around RAIDID Flyer – manningham draft residential strategy 2011 Attend these Council information sessions […]

Sewerage plant proposal in Tram Rd Reserve, Doncaster.

Another Development proposal that has raised concern is this water reclamation plant. Sent in by Fiona Scott, you may have seen her in the Manningham Leader talking on this topic. No noise, smells at Doncaster sewage plant Fiona has provided the information sheets provided by Yarra valley water (4 images below) and also some information […]

Residential Zoning Review – Watch out – Listen- speak up – get involved.

Manningham Residential Strategy – Draft for Public Exhibition. The council has offered us this opportunity to make the planning scheme better – but beware – there is also major opportunity for them to make it worse ! GOOD – Action 2.2  Review cul-de- sacs within DD08… BAD – Action 1.10 Review minimum lot size required […]

Could you cash in, and move? Total expenses.

Recently it was suggested that residents in Manningham could sell their property at a high price to developers, and then move to a similar place with loads of spare cash. Manningham Leader article In response to that article, we have had this interesting food for thought sent in. Note – The smiling Gent on the […]

How do we achieve Change? Parliament Steps – Melbourne.

THIS was a good showing, news crews the works – pity the Carbon Tax was bigger news that night, and we were gazumped by it… Still, Thanks to all that protested and sent the message higher…These photos were taken with about half the crowd there ! ….We have an opportunity to take our battle with […]