New Targets of Drastic Change – WHAT COUNCIL HASN’T TOLD YOU!

Warning!  3, 4 and 5 storey developments outside Doncaster Hill are coming to EVEN MORE side streets throughout Manningham.    Non-Urban areas are not safe either. Warandyte, Park Orchards, watch out.

VOICE YOUR CONCERNS!     – Tell others, download our flyer and hand it around RAIDID Flyer – manningham draft residential strategy 2011

Attend these Council information sessions on:

Wednesday 26th October 7.30-9pm, Wednesday 9th November 7.30-9pm

Non Urban Areas – Thursday 27 October 2011, 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Manningham Municipal Office, Doncaster Rd.

ONLY a small % of residents received formal notification from Council about these sessions and potential drastic changes.


Get the documents from Manninghams’ Website  Draft Residential Strategy

Watch-outs: (It’s seems all about finding a way for more high rises, & less car parks!)

Pg17, 1.2 Pines Structure Plan. And DD08 higher Density around it.

1.3 DD08 Higher density into more streets.

1.4  Building heights to 3,4,5 storeys

1.5 Increased residential development opportunities –  Locations

Pg 18, 1.9 Extend DD08 higher density Thompson Rd, Whetherby Rd, Blackburn Rd.

1.10 Reduce Minimum land size required for 10 / 11 meter high developments – 3-4 storeys.

1.11 Residential character – change to ? ( beware of Preferred Characters.)

1.12 Mechanism to minimise UNDER-Development of sites.

1.13 – Pilot New Government Zones.   Please Explain?

Semi Rural Areas – 1.16 Rezoning

1.18 Park Orchards, Warrandyte .

pg19, 2.6 review “Building Bulk Guidelines”

3.4 On Street Parking – see also 5.4 – Reduce housing costs = less parks in building.

See map on Page 23 – for the new Targets of Drastic Change



6 Responses to “New Targets of Drastic Change – WHAT COUNCIL HASN’T TOLD YOU!”

  1. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    Everybody that reads this website aught to forward it on to 10 others.

  2. John Perosa says:

    The Manningham Council is a total disgrace. The current Council MUST be disbanded and replaced with members who will govern on behalf of its rate payers and put their interests first.

    I speak from experience having banged my head against a brick wall for many years fighting for my rights but getting nowhere.

  3. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    Would The Mayor and another councillor respond to a challenge from Doncaster Residents to debate in an open forum “That the high density proposed for Doncaster has community approval”?
    This question can be put at a general meeting of Council.Go ahead?

  4. Less says:

    From Joan L.
    Along with a number of my neighbours I attended the Meeting held last Wednesday evening ( 26th).
    What a disaster it was – within 10mins of the start there was a wonderful opportunity for Cr Grace Lavella to ‘turn it all around’ and for the Residents to be ‘heard’ and their concerns addressed.
    This was not to be – even though it was obvious that there was genuine concern from all the ratepayers who were in attendance.
    What a missed opportunity.
    The energy and concern from all attending could have been harnessed by the Councillors and the Meeting could have been a real ‘think tank’ with co-operation from all attending.
    Instead we were forced to ‘hear’ the Presentation of the Information Session – without proper information prior – again we are all depressed that this Draft Residential Strategy appears to be already the intention of the Council without further input from the Residents of Manningham.
    There was a document dated 26 April 2005 on our table and I really have NO idea why it was there because I had never seen it before, it had never been delivered to my address in the past.
    On the table there were also 3 copies of a document ‘Draft Residential Strategy’ with 8 pages of a document that should have shown 23 pages.
    Considering that I was required to telephone my attendance and confirm with my name, address and telephone number – I would have expected a full copy of all 23 pages to be provided to all attendees.
    Overall I felt it was quite insulting to the attendees to disallow questions as we heard the Macroplan.

    I have another question – has there ever been a Residents Committee as part of the Planning & Residential advice to the Council ?
    I have been a Resident since 1977 and don’t recall such a Committee, but it should have been part of the Structure from the beginning.


  5. Less says:

    The Residents committee has been discussed recently, and councillors have been asked to propose a Monthly meeting date, for all topics with the current focus on developments & planning. No date has been offered yet.

    You can always attend the council meetings and submit questions from the floor for response at the end of the meeting. I will ask about the past, but I am only aware of the “submission process” no joint resident ongoing involvement.

    The 2005 document was put out by the RAIDID group at that council meeting to show how the council failed to properly inform residents of the C50 Zone implementation and subsequent changes which then became the DD08 zoning. The council assures us that you, and all 30,000 other affected residents were sent those letters…

  6. LJ says:

    I didn’t even get a directly mailed invite to these sessions because I’m not an “interested stakeholder” (planning department jargon). However those who did receive directly mailed invites were real estate agents, builders, developers, members of parliament among others. I wonder if they live in Doncaster, pay rates in Doncaster, work in Doncaster, have children at schools in Doncaster, volunteer in Doncaster, and are members of a Parish in Doncaster???

    Like many other excluded “interested stakeholders” I do!

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