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December 2011

Curlew 5-7 Development finished VCAT today – well almost….

Sorry this site has been quiet lately, we have been focusing on the VCAT case for Curlew Court. hard to do all things when you have family and other work… Yes we have survived: –          all of the preparation –          and the Presentations, –          mountains of documents, –          and cross examination. –          Regulation references 21-05.4 […]

How do 250 residents share 21 street parking spots on Hepburn Rd ? Easy, charge them $52pa

How do you solve the sharing of a total of 21 street parking spots between 200+ residents and their visitors ? Have a look at the councils plan below… Manningham visitor permit parking is valid only in the street of the recipient. Council have now determined that apartment occupants will have to pay $52-00 per […]

Yes Minister – we’ll commision a study

In recent years, when community concerns were heightened at the lack of public off-street parking on Doncaster Hill, council could always pacify residents by announcing a comprehensive parking review over a 12 months period. There was never any intention to create additional off-street parking areas and accordingly the consultant’s brief was always confined to parking […]