Curlew 5-7 Development finished VCAT today – well almost….

Sorry this site has been quiet lately, we have been focusing on the VCAT case for Curlew Court.

hard to do all things when you have family and other work…

Yes we have survived:

–          all of the preparation

–          and the Presentations,

–          mountains of documents,

–          and cross examination.

–          Regulation references 21-05.4 dot point blah etc.

We all argued the finer details, and probably all gained some ground.

The current state of play is that a bunch of issues prevailed that affected the car park / basement:

–          Set backs from side fences to provide soil space,

–          Car parking regulations not properly met. – Frank Falconer  is a legend in this department.

The developer offered yesterday to extend the car park a floor lower, and give some apartments two car spaces.

We rejected that offer on advice that it would promote more traffic minded tenants, and therefore more traffic. (Tough call.)

The alternate view was that the same tenants might now move their cars off the street…


However by the end of today, the loss of car parks for issues raised,  opened up the extra level down – extended basement car parking, and that is now being drawn as the new plans. The plans will be dawn and distributed for agreement that all things discussed are now shown appropriately, then the member will make his decision – In Feb 2012.

At that time we will know what conditions or other things are made so.

My feeling at this point is not promising for building size or bulk. I hope I am wrong, but that is my gut feeling.


I would like to thank all those that helped get us through this ( and their families,) especially those that helped us prepare, and deliver.

Rob Pitts, Lisa, Kerryn, Julie, Bill Rennie, James, Barry, Frank Loh, Kathryn.

Ian Wood, who kept my insanity tendencies in check, by providing the direction.

And another special group – those who do not live close, but recognized the precedent that this might set, and therefore their efforts are all the more appreciated.

Warren, Frank Falconer, Rosa.


I now have weeks of limited sleep to catch up on, and try to get back to my family, whom I have been mostly ignoring for some time, and that other work thing…

I will chat to you all in due course, but for now….Have a great Christmas, and enjoy your families, and friends.

In greatest appreciation,

Thanks & Regards,


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