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Manningham residents should be highly sceptical of the proposed 15 storey residential development in Hepburn Rd now subject to a resident appeal. It wasn’t long ago that the Council were claiming to be isolating higher density living to Doncaster Hill, but then came DD08 and residents, such as those in Curlew Ct, found themselves contending with inappropriate levels of development in the other residential areas throughout the municipality. The concern now is that the Hepburn Rd proposal seeks to provide 75% of its residential car parking requirement via an dependent car stacking system. It is clear that the development site is too small to cater for a building of this size and hence the need to minimise car parking areas. But more worryingly, once this is passed and foisted on the community (like the DD08 before it) the floodgates will be opened for developers to utilise such car stacking systems elsewhere in Manningham leading to further overdevelopment.


20 Hepburn Rd Doncaster Vic.

For those of you who don’t know Hepburn rd, it is at the edge of Doncaster Hill, with only small side street access.

Have a look at the map and see how the traffic from 188 apartments will get to the freeway or east bound on Doncaster Rd ( No right turn)…

The North side of Hepburn Road is Doncaster Hill zone ( 14 Stories +,) the South side is DD08 ( 2-3 stories,) single houses now…

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  1. jim says:

    Although the Council maintain that measures such as parking restrictions and permits will help control parking in the short st/hepburn rd area in the future, one must look at the current situation. It is obvious that when the Doncaster Church of Christ hold a function, parking enforcement is not applied. From numerous sources, the Church has an undertaking with the Council that during events such as weddings/funerals/fun nights etc, that parking infringements will not be enforced in this area. It is obvious to ask why the Church is receiving special treatment? Being one of the largest landowners in Doncaster Hill, and now with plans to develop themselves, perhaps it is not hard to see why.

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