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February 2012

Draft Residential Strategy – Delayed at Council meeting – Thankyou

Due mostly to you all, and your letters to council, the draft Strategy was not passed last night, rather it has been held back for ONE month to allow us all to review and raise issues with our councilors. Cr Reid conveyed the story well. At the next council meeting alterations can be discussed / […]

The Delphi Technique: Let’s Stop Being Manipulated!

For those many of you who have attended Council public input workshops, see if any (All,) of this rings a bell. And Next time Arrive Prepared ! The Delphi Technique: Let’s Stop Being Manipulated! By Albert V. Burns More and more, we are seeing citizens being invited to “participate” in various forms of meetings, councils, […]

Growth Lobby got it wrong. Report to MATTHEW GUY

This Brief report shows that even the seasoned experts on growth agree the high density growth plans are not working… More details on the links below. REPORT ON MARY DROST’S MEETING WITH BOB BIRRELL AND MATTHEW GUY WE MET YESTERDAY and  Bob presented to Matthew a section of his latest study.   The section dealt with […]

Car Stackers, Don’t Stack up for residential use.

 It is not surprising that residents are getting angry and vocal about the techniques used to push development yields beyond reasonable limits… It has been confirmed that the loading times are not the 20 seconds average explained t o councilors, rather up to 118 seconds plus the time to get in or out and load […]

Johnston Street Tower – VCAT Refused 17 storeys Wrong in this CONTEXT.

As much as I loath using Planning speak, it is great to see VCAT acknowledge CONTEXT, and enforce it. CONTEXT in planning speak means that heights and other building characteristics should be considered how they fit within the surrounds. For example, on a main road, in an activity center is more likely to suitably accommodate […]

Should the Doncaster Church become a Highrise developer, or provide community gardens ?

We would like to share this great letter from Anonymous in Doncaster, a mid 20’s resident with some great suggestions, and some concern for where the Church of Christ in Doncaster has it’s focus….  It’s worth reading both parts below. I particularly LOVE the suggestion that the church, or even the developers be encouraged to […]

Doncaster Water Treament Plant – Basis of Trust.

 This update in from Ming, although the topic has gone quiet lately, the issue is far from over… Two “core” assurances given by Yarra Valley Water and the Council are the guarantee our residents must make them fully accountable to and legally binding. Assurance #1: No impact on residents health & environment; Please! One of […]