Growth Lobby got it wrong. Report to MATTHEW GUY

This Brief report shows that even the seasoned experts on growth agree the high density growth plans are not working…

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WE MET YESTERDAY and  Bob presented to Matthew a section of his latest study.   The section dealt with projected housing needs and populations forecasts.

In very brief  –  he told Matthew  the growth lobby have it wrong and that his studies show what is needed looking down the next 10 years  is not high rise but family friendly homes.

  • That the population increase has slowed dramatically, mainly because the bottom has dropped out of the foreign student market.
  • That the birth rate is going to slow.
  • That we will soon follow Sydney and start losing people because the price of houses is so high.
  • That there were many  years supply of building blocks available already, but the developers release very slowly to keep the price up.
  • That high density and high rise in activity centres and neighbourhood centres is not working, and  will not work,   what has been happening instead is infill.

Bob has checked these words and agrees that I got it right


Mary        ( Marvelous Melbourne / Planning Backlash )

 Dr Bob Birrell

Bob has a degree in economics from Melbourne University, in history from University of London (first class honours) and a PhD in Sociology from Princeton University. Most of his academic work has been at Monash University and since 1991 this work has focussed on running the CPUR. He has acted as an advisor on immigration issues to both Labor and Coalition governments and was a member of the Commonwealth Government’s National Population Council from 1987–1993. Recently he was a member of the independent Review of the General Skilled Migration Program which reported in May 2006.

2 Responses to “Growth Lobby got it wrong. Report to MATTHEW GUY”

  1. VivKay says:

    Cities should evolve according to human needs, and be human friendly. Planning has devolved into a system of giving ticks to developers for high density and high rise living, and boosting population. Economists and politicians have become obssessed by growth, to our detriment. Bigger is not necessarily better. The asylum seeker issue has become a smoke-screen for the immigration debate, so that the public think the two are equal. In fact, about 90% of our net immigration is economic – not asylum seekers. Our population growth is not inevitable.

  2. Mary G says:

    “That the population increase has slowed dramatically, mainly because the bottom has dropped out of the foreign student market”. Students studying here should not be adding to our permanent population size. Our rate of growth may have slowed since the time of Brumby’s full speed ahead, but we are still facing reckless growth. Our native grasslands are under threat from urban sprawl, and high rises aren’t ending the growth. We are expanding up and out due to the unsustainable number of people arriving into Victoria each week – up to 1500. It’s pointless having the carbon tax while our economy feeds on consumer growth.
    Our population growth rate is a political policy and needs to be changed according to changing social and environmental pressures. It’s not inevitable.

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