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March 2012

Manningham Residential Strategy Moves to the next Level.

Well last night the councilors voted on the res strategy to move into the review period, where we all get to help them with the details and nitty gritty – and please make sure you do…. We all did a lot of work over the last month, reviewing, suggesting changes, and so on. Thanks to […]

More development- a reality that’s already here ?

This good article was sent to us this week, I recommend you also follow the link as it shows what the State planning Minister is pushing through this July, ( see also “Code Assess“,) and highlights how important it is that we get our local planning rules clear, and free of discretion and other loose […]

Car Stackers Unsuitable For Residential and Incompatible With Manningham “Green Hill” Policy

Hepburn Rd in Doncaster has raised quite a raft of issues, one of the particularly poignant is the use of Car stackers to increase density. The efficient use of space has it’s merit, but read on to see the extent of the down side, hardly a worthy or workable balance. This has been sent to […]

Code Assess to remove residents right to appeal developments

This has been discussed for a while, and now looks like it could go ahead as soon as  July ! All the more reason to tighten up the councils planning rules NOW. Tell your MPs NO.   Planning reform blocks appeals         Jason Dowling                        The AGE         March 15, 2012 A DRAMATIC overhaul to the […]

Draft Res Strategy Meeting for Koonung – Cr Reid got the message

It was great to see Cr Reid understood our points when we highlighted the loose wording in the draft residential strategy. Several Manningham resident groups were represented at last nights meeting, a lot was discussed, some focus was decided upon, all good. We made it clear there are some good sections in the Draft residential […]

Manningham changed permit from 150 to 273 apartments without public disclosure !

Should they be able to?    Well they did it! Council are processing an application to amend an existing permit at 642-648 Doncaster Road (the adjacent corner to the Pinnacle) that proposes to increase the apartment tally from 150 to 273. We would not have known had we not spotted it on the Planning Register via […]

How do I find the progress of a planning proposal ?

from our FAQ pages Q: How do I find the status of a Planning application at Manningham council ? A: Tricky – it’s sort of hidden – follow these steps: To access Planning Register go to Manningham Council website, Go to right hand top corner and click on quick links,

Manningham Draft Residential Strategy – Meeting Tues 13th March 7pm.

For those of you who were not at the Manningham council meeting last week… We managed to stop the council approving the Draft Residential Strategy , when it went to vote.  (One Month Stay) Now we have to attack it and try to improve it before council do vote at the end of this month […]