Draft Res Strategy Meeting for Koonung – Cr Reid got the message

It was great to see Cr Reid understood our points when we highlighted the loose wording in the draft residential strategy. Several Manningham resident groups were represented at last nights meeting, a lot was discussed, some focus was decided upon, all good.

We made it clear there are some good sections in the Draft residential strategy, that are destroyed by single word.  “SHOULD”.

Now everyone knows that if you are going to make a rule, and make it legally enforceable, then words like “MUST”, “Maximum”, “MINIMUM”, & “Limited to”, make it enforceable. Words like “SHOULD”, “PREFER”, “ENCOURAGE”, are a one way trip to the VCAT tribunal and unhappy residents.

The Council has stated they want to make this better,  to remove confusion for Council Planning Dept, Residents, and the VCAT Tribunal.

So lets set the limits in clear terms that can’t be twisted by any-one. and lets do it before it passes council, and is left to the Review Panel.

Cr LaVella, and Cr Mayne have also met with concerned residents, lets hope they too understood the residents concerns, and were willing to fight for them.

We need a big turn out at the next council meeting ( Tuesday 27th of  March – 7pm council building.) to remind the councilors that they are representing their voters, on that night.

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