How do I find the progress of a planning proposal ?

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Q: How do I find the status of a Planning application at Manningham council ?

A: Tricky – it’s sort of hidden – follow these steps:

  1. To access Planning Register go to Manningham Council website,
  2. Go to right hand top corner and click on quick links,
  3. Click on planning scheme amendments from drop down options,
  4. Click on Go,
  5. Go to left hand side towards the bottom and click on planning register,
  6. Click on the disclaimer that asks that you accept the terms and conditions,
  7. Type in the house number, the street and suburb, ( type the street, it’s quicker. )
  8. Click on search, ( you can search the whole street at a time)
  9. Then a page containing details of the proposal appears.
  10. If a list of sites appears – Click on the planning application number on the left hand side for further details including the number of objections.


Q: How do I find Previous Cases & Decisions from VCAT?

A: VCAT Publish all completed cases here. these are very useful in arguing you stand at your own VCAT Case.

Particularly as you   how VCAT has previously agreed with you on a similar topic, in a similar situation.

Of course the opposition will do the same…


Q: How do I find VCAT procedures?

A: VCAT Planning & Environment website is here – there is a lot to read, and a lot of rules…

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