Manningham Draft Residential Strategy – Meeting Tues 13th March 7pm.

For those of you who were not at the Manningham council meeting last week…

We managed to stop the council approving the Draft Residential Strategy , when it went to vote.  (One Month Stay)

Now we have to attack it and try to improve it before council do vote at the end of this month (Tues 27 March)  We are told we will be able to have further input after the vote, but we think the frame-work is too dodgy to let go through.

So if you are willing and able, lend your brain to this think tank and help us get the frame work in order.

 By the way – still no answer from VCAT on Curlew court.


We have to work within the framework of the published “draft Residential Strategy” as it was in the council agenda last week. We are unlikely to replace it, so we need to point out it’s failings and suggest better words in their places. Also key is to highlight conflicting sections.

Draft Res Strategy: See section 9.1  After that Cr Reid will have to lobby the other voting councilors to get a vote in for these changes. We will need to get residents in all Manningham wards to contact and lobby their councilors to join our meeting with Cr Reid or have their own equivalent.…

Attention: Tues March 13th Koonung ward residents meeting with Councilor Reid to submit our guidance on the Draft Residential Strategy Review shortcomings. 7pm to 9pm / Tuesday 13-3-2012 / location : Manningham council Building.

All other Manningham Wards welcome too – but bring your own councilor – we all need their vote on this plan that greatly affects our futures in Manningham. If your councilor can’t make this one – get them to set their own meeting date.

Have your thoughts clear, and written down for discussion & inclusion on the night. Note Council have advised that further resident input will be sought after the council vote clears this stage to progress further. This session is about high-lighting the following:

  • ·         Ambiguous areas,
  • ·         Removing Discretion, encouragement, and other loose terms, and stating how they can be written clearly for both residents and developers.
  • ·         The focus of residents, what matters, how we want it mentioned – Eg height limits in Storeys and metres.
  • ·         Defining statements – how much growth is planned and allowed.
  • ·         Neighborhood character, Amenity, infrastructure considerations.
  • ·         Frame work that can be detailed during further discussions, not diluted.
  • ·         Etc.

 Fine details will come in the next section, this is about strong frame work.

We will be unlikely to change it all before the vote, so we need to work on the key framework areas that concern us the most, and have them included in the vote.

We will be putting together some workshop groups prior to the meeting, suggest you do the same with your neighbors…


For Example – see our article last week.

Draft Residential Strategy

 Having Recently been through VCAT, and been part of long arguments about what was intended for sites less than 1800m2, we can tell you the proposed changes in this strategy document do not clarify or go far enough.

 The mandatory limits are an improvement, but they DO NOT stop 3 storey developments on sites under 1800m2, in DD08.

They allow 10 meters on both DD08 Precinct A&B, and 10 meters is enough for three Storeys.

                         See 1.27 For example 1800m2 in Precinct B is ENCOURAGED as Two Storeys, but not limited to.

                        In Precinct A, 1800m2  gets you 10m or 11 on a slope. again “encouragement” not rules.

            If the Council wants to clarify for all including VCAT, there can be no doubt.

 As for the new Precinct + Main Road, Council discretion for extra height, and small sites is not a fixed rule, and what about the neighbors behind that extra height?

Draft Residential Strategy

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