Koonung 2 votes until November – Unfair

The Cries for our fair representation , (our third council vote,) were denied on Tuesday Night.

When the residents request to replace Cr Jessica Villareal ASAP was put to the vote – it was a dead locked vote.

Half said too close to October elections, others said Koonung has been treated poorly and should be fairly represented ASAP.

Mayor Gough voted against, completing the deadlocked vote. And so as Mayor, he got to decide himself – and Koonung misses out now and until post next elections.

There was a lot of feisty attacks to say the least, on each other, and on potential Villareal replacements – you should listen to the Meeting audio from Council.

Cr Reid also split some home truths about the dysfunctional group of councilors currently in office – I’m sure there’ll be plenty about that in the papers next week.

Now our concern for Koonung is higher than ever

As you may have noticed more often than not, the Koonung Ward concerns are against excessive developments, high-density zoning etc, and unfortunately Mayor Gough has always been very vocally pro development.

So we see a big risk there for the next several months.

So do yourself test for the rest of the year, for each development that residents object to, or zone regulation changes encouraging higher density, check the vote against this list.

Lets see how often the pattern holds true… ( remember Most high density is targeted in Koonung Ward)

Votes for development in Koonung                            Votes Against- in line with residents objections…

  Cr Geoff Gough  Mayor    (Heide Ward )                       Cr Jennifer Yang *Deputy Mayor (Konung)

Cr David Ellis     (Mullum Mullum Ward)                          Cr Ivan Reid (Konung)

Cr Stephen Mayne  (Heide Ward )


Which  leaves three to swing – Cr Meg Downie   (Mullum Mullum Ward)  Cr Grace La Vella (Heide Ward )   Cr Graeme Macmillan   (Mullum Mullum Ward)

and watch for every tied vote four all means Mayor Gough gets final say…


5 Responses to “Koonung 2 votes until November – Unfair”

  1. Dave says:

    During the debate over this motion, a Councillor voting against claimed that a new candidate would find it very difficult to fulfill the role of a Councillor over such a temporary period. This Councillor said even after 4 years some Councillors were still learning. How could someone learn all about planning so quickly for example? Commonsense, this Councillor dictated, should see the vacancy remain until the election. This Councillor proceeded on, “21 weeks to the election, which is only 84 days….”. Thankfully, education is a State Government concern.

  2. Sam says:

    The Koonung Ward candidate that is next on the list would have been the eighth elected from the list of candidates.Two councillors remain, 3 have resigned and 2 have declined.
    Yet the only genuine candidate opposed to high density, although he polled above Cr. Reid,still remains in the gallery.
    Is there is a lesson to be learnt when planning for the next election?
    Some candidates are probably thinking that they would prefer the uncomplicated path of going it alone without the support of a group.
    You may be lucky enough to get the donkey vote or have a platform with great appeal.
    It is apparent that the best supported candidate in the 2008,Gough, owes much of his success to his being the endorsed Liberal Party candidate.

  3. Ivy Bachelor says:

    Koonung Councillor Jessica Villarreal, the step sister and replacement of councillor Charles Pick, who retired in June last year, would have been well aware she would need to resign more than 6 months before the next council election on the 27th of October to ensure a compulsory count back to replace her. Her decision to resign, inside the six months on the 25th of May, meant council was not obliged to fill the vacancy.
    Councillor Mayne, in speaking against a motion to order a replacement, suggested that Villarreal had deliberately timed her resignation to save Manningham Council the cost of a mandatory count back. Which was as ludicrous as his notion that the Mayor Gough, a strong supporter of the Doncaster Hill Strategy and the Residential Strategy, agree to vote with the two remaining ward Councillors on ”specific issues” to reflect their combined will! Councillor Mayne was allowed to continue making a commentary on the unsuitability of eligible candidates. Councillor Ellis who also spoke against the motion agreed and described the process as a fraudulent system and a clown show.
    Ivy Bachelor

  4. Ming says:

    I pinched myself just to be sure I am still living in Australia! From the track record of so many bad planning decisions made in the past years, it is very likely some of the councillors are still learning, including but not limited to how to consult with the wider community and when to disqualify themselves from making the wrong decisions. If the motion for a proper representation of Koonung can be rejected on the ground of “only 21 weeks to the election”, the same councilors must surely move and support a related motion, that is not to make any decision on any significant development projects (e.g. the YVW proposed sewage plant in our public parkland, only 25m from our residents) and the defense of these in the VCAT processes until after the next council election. No one, not this Councilor nor any other councilors are allowed to take away basic democratic right of representation from the residents. After all, it is only 21 weeks to go (less than 19 weeks from now?), what is the hurry to make more bad decisions against community will that will have long lasting damage to our ability to rebuild Manningham as one of the most livable places for our future generations.

  5. John Alway says:

    Here’s a summary of councillors attendance at council meetings from 29 Nov 11 to 29 May 12. Yang 7, Reid, 5, Villareal 3. So from that you must conclude that in Koonung we have been under represented at local council meetings for over 6 months. The only constant is Jennifer Yang. When it comes to decisions affecting Koonung Ward I ask the councillors that are present at the meeting to balance voting to match Koonung Ward councillor numbers. In that way we ratepayers have a chance that we haven’t been “bulldozed” by those with vested interests (and no casting vote by the Mayor either). Democracy is being sorely challenged at MCC.

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