Koonung Councilor Resigns – and leaves us stranded.

2012 – May 25th  Jessica Villarreal resigned today as one of the Koonung Ward Councillors!

Koonung councilor Jessica Villareal has been Absent much of her time at Manningham Council, and has now resigned after two months leave.  Why is this such a big deal ? because it means for the last six months Koonung has only had at best two of it’s three votes, and in that time some major cases have gone up and been passed through – such as the Draft Residential Strategy which focuses most of the growth in Koonung ward!

We believe council is putting the matter of the vacancy at the meeting tomorrow ( May 29th, 7pm) please send council an email ASAP!!!  Tell them you want Fair representation!

Recent Koonung Ward attendance by the 3 councillors is as follows;

 December nil, January 2, February 3, March 1 and April 1 and May only 2 possible, an average of 1.5 councillors attending meetings since November.

 Since November last year J.Villarreal had only attended the February meeting.

You may recall Jessica only got the job after Charles Pick Quit. Council’s family affair – Manningham Leader

No matter the street we live in – we are all affected by the inappropriate planning developments occurring within our Ward. The situation with Koonung Ward Councillors needs explanation. Remember we had the long Council infighting with the conflict of interest with Cr. Fred Chuah, his ill health and then his subsequent resignation. Then Charles Pick resigned and now Jessica Villarreal.

For the last 2 months, Jessica’s been on leave and she returned just to resign. The next election is October 2012 and because it’s inside 6 months of the election Council does not have to replace her !! Had she resigned BEFORE she went on leave, she would definitely have been replaced and we ( Koonung ward,)  could have stood a chance of being properly represented.

We believe council is putting the matter of the vacancy at the meeting tomorrow ( May 29th, 7pm) please send council an email ASAP!!!  Tell them we want Fair representation!

They can still fill the vacancy if they wish. Under the act, it gives them an option of not having to install a replacement if the retiring councillor resigns within 6 months of the next council election on October 27th. The deadline for this option was 27th April.

We think Koonung ratepayers should express an opinion. As it stands, when we try to have the worst aspects of inappropriate development, if not rejected, then at least substantially reduced – the other six Ward Councillors are not hearing us. But, we should at least have a third Koonung Ward representative and weI hope you can see that we should question if they try to negate this. We need a deferral on any further planning until we are properly represented.

Please tell your council and all your fellow residents that you know.  This is just not good enough.





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