Overload Doncaster – Thiele st – 55 apartments, four Stories, opposite Curlew Court entrance.

Side Street Overload

Sign went up yesterday for 55 apartments, four storeys high, in DD08 Precinct A, where only 3 Storeys are intended !

Council planning – Jeff Gower – has been discussing this with the developer for months prior to this, trying to get it to a reasonable starting point….

The fourth storey is clearly out of recomendations, and so is likely to be an ambit claim. i.e. “Well we wanted four stories, but because we are such nice developers we will make it only 3 storey’s…”

(In negotiation, an ambit claim is an extravagant initial demand made in expectation of an eventual counter-offer and compromise. )

Backing onto these three blocks are normal single level houses in a court, with single dwelling restrictive covenants – and so will NEVER be built to match this proposed bulk.

A Single Dwelling Restrictive Covenant – could save your neighbourhood.

This is the street that gets much of the High school pedestrian and car traffic.

12 months ago we warned that 8 apartments here would make a cross road effect with the Curlew court entrance.

Now they are proposing 55 apartments – right where the purple “8” is on the picture below. They have also asked for a reduction in car spaces provided.

Curlew Area 2013 Traffic Kaos

Curlew Area 2013 Traffic Kaos

More details to follow, once we review the plans etc at the council.



4 Responses to “Overload Doncaster – Thiele st – 55 apartments, four Stories, opposite Curlew Court entrance.”

  1. Steve O'Brien says:

    Les, is this currently being advertised ?
    Steve O’Brien

    • Less says:

      Yes Steve,
      Was posted, and officially closed last week, June 8th – objections will still be accepted up to the council vote. The next available council meeting is Tuesday 26th of June. We are not aware if it will be on that agenda as yet.

      • Steve O'Brien says:

        I would be surprised if it did appear on this coming agenda, that would certainly give the impression that it’s being rushed through. I would expect that given if there are a significant number of objections, then Council must hold a community consultation meeting? did Council request a updated traffic survey report ?? Steve

      • Less says:

        The council agenda is out, and this proposal is not on it. Still awaiting some more documents from the councils’s planning Dept. But Why is it up to us residants to review and point out the problems on these obviously oversize developments???

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