What is your ideal Councilor ?

With Manningham Council elections due in November, we all need to start thinking about what we want to see on offer…

Last time around I remember all councilors were against inappropriate developments, but it seems that some councillors have a very different opinion to us on that topic.

So obviously Planning and developments are a big  – Key – issue to us, but what is important to you ?

  • Planning  / development ?
  • Transport ?
  • Security ?
  • Child services ?
  • Senior services ?
  • Local Business and employment opportunities ?
  • ?

But please don’t ask for Fast Internet / NBN (as Cr Mayne was promoting last council meeting,) works for that in Doncaster are not due to start for three more years…

We’d love to hear your comments below. what you want and don’t want in a candidate…

4 Responses to “What is your ideal Councilor ?”

  1. Edwin O'Flynn says:

    Actually the elections are on 27th October. Nominations are to be lodged on 25th.September.
    The week following close of nominations is the time that voters will cast their postal votes or start to make their decision.
    At the 2008 election most voters were misinformed and misguided.
    We can’t allow this situation repeated in 2012.

  2. Inga says:

    Some important qualities for any potential local Councillor would be:

    1. Someone who has the best interests of the Manningham residents at heart- concerned about our long term welfare (all ages/ families/ singles etc..)

    2. A person who wants to actively foster and promote community spirit and people working together.It is important to feel safe, supported and active as a community, not dividing people by issues or status.

    3. A clear vision for Manningham- someone who communicates this vision and considers all residents’ opinions and financial realities, so that they can create balanced strategies which are workable.

    I would be happy to vote for someone who uses their intelligence, heart, voice and role on council to work towards assisting residents to be healthy, productive and safe during the next four years.

  3. LJ says:

    We need councilors (particularly in Koonung ward) who:
    – actively demonstrate strong leadership
    – hear, listen and act upon ratepayers views
    – have the internal fortitude to stand up for ratepayers in the face of a flawed municipal residential strategy.

    Doesn’t sound like much to ask for, however we haven’t seen anyone like this in Koonung ward.

  4. Richo says:

    The inappropriate over-development of the municipality is the #1 standard of living issue facing the existing ratepayers. I challenge any councillor to have a three-storey apartment to be built next door to their existing residence.

    It is important that we use our votes to elect the right person. This may well require…
    – clear statement on candidates’ residential strategy
    – organised and widespread residential communication of voting strategy

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