Your Gov. Property Planning report – FREE – and access to the Regulations & Zoning rules.

This is a state government site useful for two things:

1. Property Planning report: Location, Zones, aircraft routes, Bushfire rules, etc.

2. It then leads ( eventually,) into the zoning regulation documents, as part of your basic report.

These zoning regulation documents are the rule book for Council and VCAT discussions & arguments.

Follow – (CLOSELY), these steps.

  • On page ‘Property reports’ click on ‘I Agree’ at the bottom of the page ( Here you’ll find the reports content explained.)
  • On ‘Get Reports’ page type in address details and press ‘search’
  • On page ‘Properties available for your search criteria’ verify the property details and then press ‘next’
  • On page ‘Reports selected for your selected property’ click on the ‘basic property report (free)‘ and then press ‘next‘ You can come back here later and collect copies of the reports if you want – for now we are getting the zoning regulations.
  • On page ‘looking for an order?’ click on ‘view‘ for basic property report
  • Look down the report page for heading Planning Zone Summary to see a list of the zone regulations that apply to your home.



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