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June 2012

Queens Avenue – Councilors back residents – NOT Planning Dept.

In a show of the strength of community voices,  the Team behind Pep and Denise, rallied up enough objections (107) and councillor support, to defeat a planning department approval, and change it into a council refusal ! Magnificent !   the proposal for 23 apartments squeezed into a small 1400m2 site, had all the usual markings […]

VicSmart draft planning Bill before Parliament – CODE ASSESS

It has begun, described as only affecting minor building works, but the explanations keep changing, and the proposed legislation does not look tight… I have included a couple of industry watchdog comments below, as well as the bill tabled at Parliament.  (Short & Vague.) Here is a copy of the Planning and Environment Amendment (VicSmart […]

Refund my Excess Water service Fees !

Plenty of talk about this one, but here is the easy way to ask for your money back…. Click to make email below. From the Age – the full article is below. What David Galbally QC has recommended you do is send this letter below to YOUR water provider, with Your Account Number and name added, […]

Vic Metropolitan Planning Strategy Online Forums – close June 25th

Did you know the State Gov is looking for your input ? They haven’t got a lot of feed back yet so your input might be noticed ! Plan Melbourne online forums. The forums  cover a range of themes such as housing, transport, people and the economy. The online forums will run throughout the development […]

Misleading consultants, put a spin on Bikes and Hills.

A Picture can tell a thousand words, it can also be very misleading. Here is an interesting Perspective, one from the Leader news paper, and the one the councils’ consultant taken – while standing atop a ladder.

VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves

Further to our prior articles on Code assess… VicSmart will create more planning problems than it solves Save Our Suburbs    MEDIA RELEASE   12 June 2012 Most of the rationale for the new VicSmart planning process doesn’t stack up, according to Save Our Suburbs president, Ian Wood. He strongly criticised the lack of community input into […]

Parking waivers causing ‘chaos’ take heed for Manninghams’ future

It seems Manningham is not the ony council with parking versus Developments issues… A couple of things to consider here, so as to put it into Manninghams’ perspective. Higher density suburds such as those in Yarra is where Manningham is heading with it’s increased density plans. Most areas of Yarra have Train, Tram & Bus […]

Stand for council – Support is there…

The coming Council elections are in October 2012. They could be your chance to become a community leader,  add direction and your voice to the council.  All state councils will be holding elections. Learn all about the opportunity at a free session Wed July 11th  – see below. or read this Candidate Handbook Melbourne By-Election […]

Council Experts got Covenant protection wrong.

This is a great example that come in last week, shows that you cannot sit back and expect the council or their experts to “Protect you.” Not only were they considering removing the protective covenant, but the expert report they relied on which told them it was OK went against the public proof that was […]