recycled water uses regs & sustainability.

This Plumbers Industry Association document advises how the Grey  / recycled water must be handled, such as that coming from the proposed Doncaster recycle plant. ( Class A recycled water as shown in the table below.)


It is important to notice the irelevence of such a small plant when there are so many big ticket items one can invest to get much better return.  If this localised plant is really good for community as YVW claimed, not its profit, they must justify this and make recycle water available to all reseindets, not just the selected 1960 people in the Doncaster Hill out of the projected 8300+ population.

YVW need to build almost 70 of these sewage plants all over Manningham to serve the projected total population of 135,000 here by 2030!  We cannot take YVW’s line of because this is an oppartunity, so we can build this like one-off.

Sustainability is not one-off thing.  This is here for everyone and for generations to come.


91 02_Grey_or_recycled_water_(Non-drinking_water_supply)


  1. Peter Carlisle says:

    The appropriate uses of Class A water seem incongruent in Doncaster Hill. With high rise buildings and multi unit developments, site coverage is so high that gardens are minimised or completely left out. Hence the only appropriate use according to this table for class A water in Doncaster Hill is toilet flushing. Is this plant not waste itself?

  2. Steve O'Brien says:

    further more why havent other solutions been looked at for instance why don’t the high rise buildings look at doing this on site at a smaller level which reduces risks associated to a bigger scale ?

    Steve O’Brien
    Councillor Candidte for Koonung Ward

  3. George. Goninon says:

    Many of the Doncaster Hill developments, the plant is to service, including Westfield, have no third pipe connection facility.
    How stupid to propose a sewer plant only 25m from established dwellings.
    Statements from planning officers, that accidental spills of raw sewage is “unlikely to occur” is hardly convincing. When asked about the effect on property values, the reply was “we have spoken to local agents and they say the plant will have no impact on the value of adjacent property values”.

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