Thiele St Clogged

Another 100 ?  apartments for Traffic Clogged Thiele St.

Thiele St Doncaster Already has an unfair lot of traffic issues for a side street.

  • High School access from Doncaster Rd.
  • Limited Parking.
  • Restricted Views, dangerous blind spots.
  • Both way traffic, and one lane to use.

Now there is a proposed 55 Apartments at No2, 4 & 6 Thiele St. ( Council Vote Due July 31st.)

And if that is not heavy enough, No3 Thiele has just sold, and is expected to be joined with No2 & 4 Curlew court for another similar size development.

Tell the Council this is not OK.  Use the council form below – it has the site reference details included. Include your details, and add your comments.

It is OK to fill in the form and email it. You do not have to sign and scan it.

pln191 MANNINGHAM CITY COUNCIL Objection doncaster Thiele 2-4-6 Parking


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