How safe – sewage spills twice this year

This submission shows just how “safe” rather risky a sewage plant is, even when it meets all the guidelines, and scores 97% on it’s compliance audits…

Would you feel safe  having one 25 meters from your home, as proposed in Doncaster ?

Engineers do what they call modelling usually on best case scenarios to allow projects to be built but there is always the risk factor which is not considered.

For example the HOBLERS Bridge sewage treatment plant in Tasmania, located 250m from residences, has had its second sewage spill this financial year.

Ben Lomond Water brought in a pump truck to remove the contaminated water and sludge.

The stench is still present in the park and lime has been laid over the area.

The Environmental Protection Agency was also told of the spill.

In the 2010-11 State of Industry Report, the plant scored 97 per cent compliance with the discharge standards applied to it.

There might only be a 1% chance of a major sewage spill but its 100% if it happens near your home.

Fencing and signage notifying pedestrians of the incident was put up shortly after and remains in place. It will be removed after consultation with the Launceston City Council, which manages the park.…sewage-spill-at…plant/2582608.aspx

Submitted Online by Bill McMaster




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  1. Steve O'Brien says:

    As I have asked EPA on more than 3 occasions and yet to receive a response, can they give me an example of a similar facility they have approved that is 25 metres from residences??

    Steve O’Brien
    Councillor Candidate for Koonung Ward

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