Sewage Plant Squashed.

At last nights council meeting there was a lot of debate about the Sewage treatment plant, the uprising of residents, and potential backlash from developers who have built around the third pipe rules.

Well in the end – the plant was defeated, even though the Manningham Planning dept had recommended it go ahead. One for the residents.

What a great decision in common sense when Councillors Reid, Downie, Yang and MacMillan voted down the planning application for the sewage treatment plant. It is reassuring to know that the councillors are listening to the residents and have great concern for the amenity, safety and health of those that would have been affected by this proposal.

Anticipating the risk of a VCAT appeal, Councillor Reid added the extra clause last night, saying that Council would not sell or lease its land for a Sewage or Water Treatment plant in Koonung. This effectively stops YVW from building at all, regardless of EPA or VCAT. Their only option would be compulsory acquisition of land, which we very much doubt they would do.

Councilor Reids motion was passed, and now the Council has No place to build treatment plants – the developers can still do water saving on thier own sites and use that for thier third pipe, or YVW could buy land for the purpose.

So further thanks to our ward councillor ReidĀ  for providing us with this extra protection.

However, we still need to attend the EPA conference Thursday night to make sure we have everything covered and complete the process. Hopefully this is the last thing we have to do, we need to see it through now.

Please attend: EPA Conference Thursday 30th August 6:30pm-9pm Manningham Council Offices

We have to congratulate each and every one of you for all the objections, letters to the councillors, letters to the paper, protest attendance, photo opportunities, attendance at the submitters and council meeting. It has been a great effort and we are glad that we have been able to pull together as a community and keep Doncaster a great place to live.

More details to follow…



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