Sewage Time is Tight

There’s a lot of debate going around on the Doncaster Sewage plant  right now, here’s a quick update from Fiona.

One crazy thing is the Manningham council are proposing to vote on it days BEFORE the EPA report is available… stay tuned..

I have been informed by Manningham Planning Officers that their report will be ready for the August Council Meeting and therefore at this stage, the proposal will be going to vote at this meeting (Tuesday 28th of August 7pm). We need you to attend the two following events:

1.     Protest coinciding with the Submitters Meeting Monday 27th of August Manningham Council Offices 6pm

The submitters meeting is held the night before the council meeting, Monday 27th of August, which is where we need to show our presence and present our case. The organizing group will be requesting to present our case on behalf of the opposing residents. Please be there to support us!!! The councilors need to see opposition to the proposal. We need everyone who attended the protest plus a lot more to come along. Bring the  banners used at the protest. If you are really keen it would be good to see some faces at the council meeting on the 28th of August.

2.     Protest coinciding with the EPA Conference Thursday 30th August 6:30pm-9pm Manningham Council Offices

The EPA are holding a conference to discuss the process so far and to hear our concerns. They have not finalised their report yet and are seeking feedback from residents. Again we need as many people as possible to attend. Even if the councillors don’t listen to us – the sewerage plant cannot go ahead without the approval of EPA.

It is time to really get involved now!! A big ask to spend two nights in one week at the council offices but if we can stop it now then we can sit back and enjoy our park!!


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