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September 2012

Melbourne – The worlds’ most livable city still – Let’s keep it that way.

Now is the time – Last chance for another important step in maintaining what it is that you love about your home, and your City. State Gov Planning changes – Code Assess – Your submission due by 5pm this Friday 21 September 2012 – example below. State Gov Planning Reforms  http://www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning/theplanningsystem/improving-the-system/new-zones-for-victoria Do put in a […]

Heburn Road Passes VCAT but won’t pass fire Regs

This is one of those red tape madness stories that is bound to have more to say before it is done… Well folks, the decision was handed down Sept 6th 2012 on 20-24 Hepburn Road and it’s not good I’m afraid. A permit has been granted and the full decision is attached.  P3568 2011 Khoo […]

Why The Doncaster Sewage Plant Was So Wrong

If you were unsure about the facts, or had only heard the Councils’ side of the story, read on, it paints a pretty damning storey on the validity of any justification in the present day or future.   This is another magnificent piece of well researched information from Ming. Keep up the good work.   It is […]