Month: October 2012

Manningham’s New Councilors 2012

2012-10-28  Sun 9:30pm  Official Winners, your new councilors. Six new councilors, three returning. (Results below are only provisional results) The new councilors will choose a Mayor from amongst themselves November 8th. Koonung Ward: Jennifer Yang (Returning Deputy Mayor),  Steve O’Brien, Dot Hayes.   Mulum Mulum  Ward: Paul McLeish, Meg Downie (Returning Cr), Sophy Galbally.     […]

Michael Buxton on Proposed Vic Planning Zones 2 – Residential Zones with Offices Hotels Etc.

Michael Buxton is a well published expert on Planning from RMIT. Search for him On the web and you will find a wealth of content, these excerpts are his review on the new proposed Victorian Planning revamp – and they are significant and in some cases scary. some topics you will have heard, but the […]

Emergency Manangement Plan above 25m

From Kelvin, his case at VCAT, and the proposed process for council to ensure emergency arrangements are in place before planning permits are approved. I spoke at VCAT on the Access and Egress issues for the development at Hepburn Rd Doncaster.   For several other articles on this type Hepburn into the search space above. A […]

C96 High Density Decision – Rescinded by Cr Meg Downie – and then Canceled by Management!

Back to where we were on Tuesday Night, Amendment C96 going to the Planning Panel. Corp. Support Exec Manager Steve Goldsworthy changed his mind after accepting the Rescind motion, less than 24hrs prior. There is a clause in Manningham’s meeting procedure laws which says they are not able to rescind the motion Clause 8.36 Rescission […]