Bi-election May be called for Mullum Mullum

We may get an answer soon on this one, but it sure is messy.

If Mr Muscat had withdrawn the 521 primary votes would have gone elsewhere, as would the 26 preferences he collected, that were subsequently distributed across the remaining candidates.

So what is the right thing to do with his votes?

  • Delete all votes including preferences ?
  • Delete his primary, and distribute the subsequent choices / preferences as if they were the first?
  • Start the whole election for Mullum Mullum again ? If so should it be limited to those that ran last time?

From the table below you can see the yellow colored votes for Mr Muscat, not huge, but there is a flow on effect

Those in Green are the current elected councilors. Bob Beynon was next in line, but still a fair way back…

From the Manningham Leader 30/1/20123


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