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March 2013

Bunnings Doncaster 9 Storeys and Beverly st

A couple of contentious developments on the move presently. 1. Doncaster East, Beverley St 51-53 – small side street with big plans – see here for the big picture 2. Bunnings On Doncaster Hill is about to re-advertise it’s plans for 9 storeys next to the Primary school and shopping town. Stay tuned to see […]

C96 Internal Parking and Compliance in High Density Developments

A great submision here by Frank, focussing on Internal parking issues, and compliance. <Surnames & Address etc withheld for privacy>  MANNINGHAM PLANNING SCHEME – AMENDMENT C96             Submission to Planning Panel Hearing Commencing 27th. February, 2013 Presented by Frank X. 1.   Introduction I am a long time resident of Doncaster,

VCAT Special Permision to Record Hearing

Further to our article last week discussion how VCAT public hearings are recorded by VCAT but not shared, Kristian Silva from the Weekly Review has got some answers from VCAT on the topic. VCAT parties are not allowed to capture proceedings on audio or video recorders during the hearings unless they receive permission from the […]

Manningham candidate David Muscat faces court – 2 yrs or $33600

Kristian Silva from the Weekly Review – Eastern has the latest here –Manningham candidate David Muscat faces court The second part of this saga – whether Mullum Mullum is to go back to the polls for a by-election is yet to be decided… The man accused of running as an illegal candidate in last year’s […]