Bunnings on Doncaster Hill – vote May 28th

The planned Bunnings development on Doncaster Rd Doncaster, between shoppping town and the Primary School goes up for council Planning approval at this coming council meeting Tuesday May 28th.

Council agenda can be found here

Bunnings application – Planning Dept have recommended approval.

Stage 1 which gives them all they need to operate. They will only construct 124 apartments of the required 385.

They are doing this in three stages for obvious reasons, I can’t find any condition to that says when they have to complete the additional apartments in stage 2 or 3.

The applicant has provided little information on the reasons and timing behind the staging, other than to indicate that the sale of 350+ apartments on  the market at any one time is not feasible. Therefore, if Stage 1 is completed it could be some time before Stage 2 and Stage 3 is constructed.

Planning Application PL12/022747 for 659-669 DoncasterRoad, 4-6 Tower Street and 1A-5 Council Street, Doncaster –
Construction of three multi-storey buildings comprising 385 apartments, retail premises, trade supplies and restrictedretail premises (Bunnings) and associated basement carparking.


It is proposed to develop land at 659-669 Doncaster Road, including all land west of Council Street, east of Tower Street and north of the properties on southern side of Berkeley Street (total area of 11700sqm) in three stages with a Bunnings store and apartment tower comprising stage 1, and two residential apartment towers with retail at ground level in stages 2 and 3.

Stage 1 will comprise a multi-level Bunnings store positioned front and centre along Doncaster Road with a floor area of 10,532sqm. Above the store in a residential apartments tower rising 6 levels are 124 dwellings.

Three levels of basement car parking will provide a total of 538 spaces for the development. Stages 2 and 3 occur on either side of the Bunnings store with buildings aligned to Tower Street (in Stage 2) and Council Street (in Stage 3). Stage 2 provides a further 1266sqm of retail space at ground level and 127 apartments in a building rising 8 levels. 190 basement car parking spaces are provided in the stage also. Stage 3 provides a further 332sqm of retail space at ground level and 134 apartments in a building rising 9 levels. 159 basement car parking spaces are also provided….



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