Bunnings/Westfield head to VCAT

Further to the Bunnings and VCAT story a few days ago – the Weekly Review Eastern has some more details in their article below…

 It has been suggested that part of a compromise might have to come from Manningham council itself, re the residential content, otherwise the matter could be delayed indefinitely, given the resources and political clout of these two giants.

The article in the Age goes on to say, “But Westfield Corporate manager Julia  affairs said Westfield was in dialogue with Bunnings in the interest of resolving things outside the appeal process”.

From: Kristian Silva
Sent: Monday, 8 July 2013 8:07 AM
Subject: Bunnings/Westfield head to VCAT

Hi all,

 FYI – Here’s the story The Weekly Review Eastern had in today’s edition of The Age. Not sure which page it’s on, but the print version is identical to online.



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  1. Jessica Kingston says:

    The Bunnings proposal is an all too common example of people trying to comply with regulations and coming up with a mediocre result.
    The efforts of those formulating a planning scheme such as the DD08 is another example of this regulating for atrocity.
    It is narrow minded that Stephen O’Brien justifies the present Bunnings fiasco by saying it complies with Council regulations.

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