Changed Provisions Of DDO8 – Recognition of Small sites

189-191 Foote Street, Templestowe.   Council  are planning to  reject this proposal because it does not meet the minimum land area of 1800sqm for a three storey development. This will apply to all developments in Precinct A. Unfortunately this welcome change in direction cannot be applied in retrospect to the Queens Avenue and Talford Street proposals. Even so, there is no indication they will proceed to construction given the lack of demand for high density apartments in Manningham.

Two storey townhouse style developments, only permitted on sites less than 1800sqm, may prove more viable. (A fact that might not have escaped council)

Planning Application PL12/023225 – 189-191 Foote Street
Templestowe – Construction of a three storey apartment
building comprising 23 dwellings with a basement car park

It is proposed to develop two adjoining properties having a total area of 1,525sqm
with a three storey apartment building comprising 23 dwellings with a basement car
park and alteration of access to a Road Zone Category 1 on land known as 189-191
Foote Street, Templestowe.
The application was advertised and 50 objections were received.
Grounds mainly relate to overdevelopment of the site, not in keeping with
neighbourhood character, increased traffic, devaluation of property, visual bulk, loss
of privacy, overlooking, and insufficient car parking.
It is considered that the proposal is a conservatively designed, well articulated
apartment building, with a high level of compliance with the Manningham Planning
Scheme, including the requirements of the Design and Development Overlay
Schedule 8, and ResCode at Clause 55. However, the proposal does not comply
with Amendment C96 as the site is located in Sub-Precinct A of Precinct 2:
Residential Areas Surrounding Activity Centres and along Main Roads, and does
not meet the minimum area requirement of 1,800 square metres. These include:
· Site Coverage;
· Basement car park design;
· Height;

· Solar access;
· Sub-terranean apartments
It is proposed to not support the application.

Manningham Planning Application – 189-191 foote street templestowe  (44 pages – review for council meeting agenda)

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