The Doncaster rail – an ode to inaction

I missed this clever little bit of ART at our shopping centre on Saturday – pointing out that Doncaster has been waiting since 1888 for a train  –  125 Years !

You can get the full story on the two following Facebook pages ; it was run by “A4tnt Artists for Trains Not Tolls”  and reported nicely by “Urban Happiness.”

Doncaster Rail When 2013-11-24 Andrew Kelly Many thanks to Andrew Kelly for this photo.

A4tnt:  Artists for Trains Not Tolls: ‘An Ode to Inaction’

Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport : Stop the East-West Link – Support Doncaster Rail


  1. P. Nolan. says:

    Manningham Council have been told that an expanded bus service will be the solution for the future transport needs of Doncaster Hill and areas East etc and not to “tug in other directions”.
    Mary Wooldridge’s office have confirmed that the Doncaster Rail Study did not include a train line to Doncaster Hill which had never been considered due to the high cost of tunnelling etc. Let alone a railway to the Greythorn/West Doncaster border which is only regarded as “potential” in the Planning Melbourne document. There is no capacity in the current network to accommodate more urgently required lines to areas such as The Airport, Rowville, Point Cook, South Morang and Baxter etc. until the Melbourne Metro Project is completed.
    Transport minister Mr Mulder said some of the correspondence was so fanciful in regards to funding the tunnel (Melbourne Metro Project) it ”might as well have had a dozen Tattslotto tickets stapled to it”.
    ”The Commonwealth budget provides nothing [for Melbourne Metro] in 2013-14, it provides nothing in ’14-15, it provides a paltry $25 million in 2015-16 and in ’16-17 it provides $50 million,” Mr Mulder said. ”This is for a project that could cost between $9 billion and $11 billion.”
    As federal Labor and the Victorian Coalition sparred over when work on the multibillion-dollar Melbourne Metro rail tunnel might proceed, state Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder told a parliamentary hearing $2 billion of the promised federal outlay was scheduled to be delivered after 2019.
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  2. Ruben says:

    It is hard to see how the Melbourne Metro Project could possibly be completed in the next decade or two if the first federal payment is only going to be $2 billion, due sometime after five years but not before the year 2019. By then the total estimated cost of the MMP would have blown out well beyond the forecast $11 billion.

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