Big Building Approved next door what can you do now? Start Growing

Well if VCAT and Council say  it is definately going ahead, what can you do?

1. Move out     2. Build a wall      3. Make the most of the time and start growing.    4. Open a multi-storey car parking complex in your street.

3. Start Growing

So if you have decided to stay, and plan on growing some screening – you have a head start – do you align with the developments Landscape styles, or go with the quickest block out trees?

  • What balance of Privacy versus style are you happy with? Which rooms do you care about privacy?
  • How long do you have before the development is tenanted? Match your tree choice to this.
  • How high does your screening need to be, above your windows, or as high as the development?
  • Will the plants be safe while the building works progress?
  • Do you want leafy screening all year or Deciduous– what about your sunlight.
  • Start Early, and avoid paying for mature plants.

There are alternatives to potastriums – also known as Neighbors be gone trees – these do the job but are shallow rooted, take over the garden bed and destroy most things under it.

You should talk to your nursery about alternative trees with more color and flowers, as wel as vines and creepers. The down side of the creepers is you will need to have a temporary climbing structure as the existing fence will probably be destroyed and replaced.

Make sure you check the distance between trees for best coverage, turn the soil under them as deep as you can, and insert watering tubes, & /or a drip system.


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