Living through a Development – Boring

If there is a development going up close by, the utilities might have to run in some bigger pipes and power, if this goes underground, then they might just get BORING.

Instead of digging up the entire street, they might dig occasional big holes, and drill or “Bore” in between. this way they only mess up the nature strip in front of every second or third house. However in between some other things can happen:

  • Raising  or dipping areas in your nature strip. Beware of cavities and future collapse.
  • Foot path or  Driveway cross overs lifting and exposing tripping hazzards.
  • Damage to existing services like telephone lines or exisiting utilities.

The Boring contractors will survey and mark out where each existing service is, and how deep so as to avoid damaging it. If they raise the footpath or your driveway crossing they should compact it back down or fix it – check with them before they finish and leave site, if still concerned you should report it to the council as it is thier asset that has been damaged.  Maybe take some photos showing the place and height of the lift.

Curlew 5-7 path lift boring photo 2 Curlew 5-7 path lift boring photo 1

Here you can see the lift caused by the boring, it is clear by the dirt also lifted at the join. Keys show height.

Note also that the council has previously ground these joints flat to remove tripping hazzards.

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