Big Building Approved next door what can you do now? Ground Impact

Well if VCAT and Council say  it is definately going ahead, what can you do?

1. Move out     2. Build a wall      3. Make the most of the time and start growing.    4. Open a multi-storey car parking complex in your street.

What about your clothes line, or vegetable patch that now needs moving out of the shadows? You might have had some discussion about the impact here at VCAT, but now you need to consider if shadowing is going to affect your living spaces

In developers shadow diagrams they only show the shadows at 9am, noon,  and 3pm, at the equiniox ( half way between summer and winter,) and also usually stop at the roofs edge.

Over shadowing is allowed if your property has Sunlight for 4 hrs minimum over 75% of it, or 40 Sq mtrs of other secluded open space.
Any proposal submitted to the council is supposed to have a set of these shadow drawings, if you think your affected ask for a copy, and an explanation. If you don’t think it is right, then there are special plastic overlays available to help you draw your own, ask your planning dept,  about it and make sur eyou allow for building slope – it is worse if you are on the lower side of a development.
shadow drawing - curlew 5-7

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