Month: March 2014

Completions Since Doncaster Hill Strategy Approved in 2002 – Not good for Trains

It is hard to justify spending 4- 6 Billion Dollars on a Doncaster Hill Station with only seven apartment buildings completed since 2002. DoncasterRailStudy_Phase1RecommDraft_CHAP6 There are no Doncaster Hill developments currently under construction. Apart from 7-11 Berkley Street, completed in December 2013, the last development finished  was the Madison in June 2012. See below


This was sent in by Richard King, while it’s focus is on Manningham rail, it does explain the bigger picture, particularly funding issues and time frames. I can’t understand why they keep the prospect of a rail service alive, after all the promises and studies etc, most people believe if it were viable it would […]