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May 2014

Weekly Unit Asking Prices Since 2009 Indicate Zero Capital Gain in Doncaster

We had a great insight given to us when the SQMresearch website was sent our way… follow the link and enter your Post-Code There is a wealth of national information on this website, in particular the unit asking price by post code since 2009. It points towards a zero capital gain for Doncaster units in […]


Developers have advised us that most apartments purchased in Manningham are by locals. It has been stated for a long time that overseas buyers have been courted by focused residential marketing. The Australian Government only allow them to buy new properties, or buy to increase the quantity of housing – see attached guide below.   What […]

Manningham New Gov Zones vs Old zones

There are more drastic changes to the Planning schemes and regulations coming, as discussed previously due to statewide rezoning by the government. Scary words like discretionary are being used again – for instance the GRZ zone below includes special allowances for extra height etc for current DD08 A & B areas. Manningham Council have now […]

Banks measure Apartments smaller than builders !

BUYERS OFF THE PLAN SHORT CHANGED   Worth taking note of this if you are considering an apartment purchase… “Banks usually baulk at bankrolling smaller apartments for fear of a reduced resale value”. – Herald Sun

Term of Doncaster Supermarket Now in Dispute

This Concerning sidestep was sent in regarding the long running Jackson court shopping center rezoning request. The panel hearing, held on 28/3 to 1/5, in relation to 3-9 and 11 Mitchell Street/Jackson Court, East Doncaster was to hear evidence and consider a planning scheme amendment C95. It was proposed, in return for having the land […]

Earliest High Rise Buildings

High rise buildings are nothing new, consider these in a city that alone has the population of Australia, where extremely few have a back yard, and high rise buildings have been around for 4000 years plus.    A couple of interesting Cairo notes: 1. Buildings in the city usually remain unfinished – so they don’t […]