Earliest High Rise Buildings

High rise buildings are nothing new, consider these in a city that alone has the population of Australia, where extremely few have a back yard, and high rise buildings have been around for 4000 years plus.

Giza Pyramids   A couple of interesting Cairo notes:

1. Buildings in the city usually remain unfinished – so they don’t have to pay tax on it.

2. There is around 22 Million people in the city of Cairo, the same as all of the Australian continent.

3. In the Giza area, the city and houses come within 500 meters of the Pyramids and monuments, you need to pick your angle to get a photo of Pyramids in the desert…

4. The tallest Pyramid here is 145 meters tall. roughly 42 storeys tall.

5. Made from 2,300,000 blocks of lime stone, each 2.5 tonnes.

6. Supposedly for just one tenant, Pharaoh Khufu

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  1. Less says:

    Amazing skills to build these – we still couldn’t match them if we tried.

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