SOS Poll Victorian Planning in ‘crisis’ – election candidates and community agree

Our RAIDID group are one of many,  many,  around the country, monitoring and challenging local governments on Planning and Amenity issues.

Save Our Suburbs (S.O.S,) is doing the Same, but at a State level – challenging the machine that is State Politics, VCAT, and other bodies that impact Amenity.

SOS have just released their initial findings gleaned from our prospective State Politicians, a Poll measuring how those that would represent us after the next elections, feel, understand, and would deal with issues close to our hearts & the livability of our great state.  Take Note, Challenge local members, and remember when it comes time to vote.

Victorian Planning in ‘crisis’ – election candidates and community agree

Save Our Suburbs Media Release  17 November 2104

A survey of Victoria’s election candidates has found overwhelming support for planning reform across the state and across the political spectrum:

  • Over 90% support political donations reform
  • Over 90% think that the Planning Minister should publish advice relied on and reasons for decisions
  • Over 95% say we need to improve transparency, accountability and integrity

The survey was conducted by Save Our Suburbs and supported by 18 other community groups, representing thousands of concerned Victorians. The results were released on the SOS website today.

“The purpose of the survey is to draw candidates’ attention to key planning issues and to provide information for voters.” said Ann Birrell, Vice President of Save Our Suburbs.

“Every week, groups like ours receive calls from distressed residents, appalled at the conduct of planning in Victoria. People expect clear planning rules, integrity in governance and decisions in the long term public interest.

“Instead we have a rampant culture of secrecy and non disclosure, conflicts of interest, a perception of favoured access and undue influence, and a risk and perception of corruption.”

“Candidates from all backgrounds share our concern that planning is out of control in Victoria, from urban to rural electorates and from the far left to the far right of politics.“

“Once in Government both the Liberals and the ALP have a track record of continuing to deregulate our planning and governance system, in complete disregard for the long term public interest of Victorians.

“As a result, we are about to see a fourth Victorian Government lose office.” concluded Ann Birrell.

Live trend results: Latest update of individual responses: Planning Survey of Candidates November 2014 RO

Link to SOS Report and full Results:

Groups supporting the Survey include:

Save Our Suburbs, Green Wedges Coalition, Protectors of Public Lands, Planning Backlash, Public Transport Users Association, Ratepayers Victoria Inc., Save Albert Park, Yarra River keepers Association, Docklands Community Association, Residents Against Inappropriate Development in Doncaster, Fitzroy Residents Association, West of Elgar Residents Association, East Enders, Western Region Environment Centre, Appropriate Development for Boronia Group, Darebin Appropriate Development Association, Citizens for a Liveable Melbourne, Moreland Planning Action Group


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  1. Casper says:

    Is it easier, for an individual, to be passionate about Planning issues for many years or to be in a paid position as a Councillor receiving $27.000 per year?
    We are continually betrayed by councillors that pledge opposition to inappropriate development prior to election.
    Surely there must be trustworthy candidates, as distinct from opportunists, that can take their place in positions of authority.

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