Building Next Door – What Should You Put Up With? Crane Safety?

If you have a significant development going on next door, and they do go on for many , many months, how tolerant would you be?

  • Is it Legal for them to crane large items across your property, when they haven’t enough room on their site? NO – but they do…
  • What protective barriers or exclusion zones are required around cranes unloading from Streets to work sites?
    • I expect the barriers should be out wide enough to make it impossible for public to get under the crane.
  • The builders seem happy enough to walk underneath the crane’s mobile load, but I don’t think  public should, I certainly wouldn’t.

If they are doing this, like at our house, the council won’t touch it, instead they will tell you to refer it Worksafe.  Contact details for the Victorian branch are below.

Have you seem anything like this around you?


Crane over Neighbor 2014-10-14 07.48.55



Victoria regulators

Victorian WorkCover Authority

Victorian WorkCover Authority’s responsibilities include:

  • help avoid workplace injuries occurring
  • enforce Victoria’s occupational health and safety laws
  • provide reasonably priced workplace injury insurance for employers
  • help injured workers back into the workforce, and
  • manage the workers’ compensation scheme by ensuring the prompt delivery of appropriate services and adopting prudent financial practices.

Contact details:

Phone: 1800 136 089 or 03 9641 1444






  1. Anna says:

    Our neighbour on the other side of the small block being developed next door to us had issues with the overhead crane but our concern is with the cracks that have appeared in the two bedrooms of our home after earthworks had begun. The developer, to his credit, has agreed to fill the cracks and repaint when the development has been completed. Noise has also been a problem to but we can’t do much about it because they work in accordance with the specified hours.

    1. Stressed says:

      Noise? Try living in Roseville Avenue behind the giant Grosvenor Street development under construction The noise from the various pieces of machinery is driving us crazy.

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