The Government’s proposal to impose a foreign ownership property tax had not impeded overseas investment in Doncaster. The tax is now being reviewed after it emerged there were potentially unintentional consequences for first home buyers and larger developer companies that have significant foreign ownership.

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A property at 21 Clay Drive, Doncaster (931 M2), recently sold at auction for $2.350 Million, has set a new benchmark asking price of $2,524 per M2 for properties in Sub precincts A & B in Precinct Two. At this rate an average block of land of 700 m2 could fetch more than $1.766 Million in either of the two Sub precincts. A planning permit application for seven (7) two storey townhouses has been lodged



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Sub-precinct A Shown on the Manningham Planning Scheme maps as DDO8-2 is an area where two storey units (9 metres) and three storey (11 metres)  apartment style developments are encouraged. Three storey, contemporary developments should only occur on land with a minimum area of 1,800m2. Where the land comprises more than one lot, the lots must be consecutive lots which are side by side and have a shared frontage. The area of 1,800m² must be all in the same sub-precinct. In this sub-precinct, if a lot has an area less than 1,800m², a townhouse style development proposal only will be considered, but development should be a maximum of two storeys. All development in sub-precinct A should have a maximum site coverage of 60 percent. Higher developments on the perimeter of sub-precinct A should be designed so that the height and form are sufficiently stepped down, so that the scale and form complement the interface of sub-precinct B, or other adjoining zone.
Sub-precinct B (shown on Manningham Planning Scheme maps as DDO8-3) is an area
where single storey and two storey dwellings only will be considered and development
should have a maximum site coverage of 60 percent.  There is no minimum land area for such developments.
Development in Precinct 2 should:
Provide for contemporary architecture Achieve high design standards
Provide visual interest and make a positive contribution to the streetscape
Provide a graduated building line from side and rear boundaries
Minimise adverse amenity impacts on adjoining properties
Use varied and durable building materials
Incorporate a landscape treatment that enhances the overall appearance of the
Integrate car parking requirements into the design of buildings and landform

Link to Manningham Planning Scheme for full detail mss 2014

D15 31153 Advertised Plans PL14 024702 21 Clay Drive Doncaster


  1. Wayne says:

    This price of $2,524 per sqm does not surprise me when you see the high rise sites being sold for $3,600 sqm. We are in the growth area and will have to sell in the next few years but they will have to pay top dollar for our house. The sale price in Clay Drive sets the minimum rate for this year only!

  2. Whittens says:

    Land in the growth areas was selling for $1000.00 per square metre back in 2009.

  3. Ruben says:

    On the weekend there were three houses that were not in the red zones that sold for more than $1.5 Million, 25 Acheron Street $1.510 Million, 18 Boyd Street $1.880 Million and Margot Avenue $1.5 Million. There were two townhouses, 1/34 Beverley Street and Romford Court, East Doncaster that sold for $1.070 Million and $1.200 respectively. So if you are selling your property to a developer and want to remain in the Doncaster or East Doncaster districts you must first find a property before you commit to selling because the homes in the lower density areas have also increased significantly. Depending on your situation you should allow at least $100,000 for expenses.

  4. Edified says:

    Barbara Carlisle has presented an article again. I do not know this person. The article on executive salaries displays an interest that our highly paid councillors and staff would not wish us to be aware of, or they themselves don’t realise.
    It would be most disappointing if Barbara Carlisle does not stand for council in 2016.
    RAIDID is a hollow vessel if it doesn’t lead to positive action by the readers.
    The only positive action is to rid the Council of the seat warmers that attend their 10 meetings per year at a cost of $2,700.00 per meeting.

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