Behaviour_change_plan_image“If Manningham council are serious about a behavior change and want to encourage more people to walk on Doncaster Hill, they should provide areas near high rise apartments where shopping trolleys could be stationed and collected after use instead of shoppers having to wheel them all the way back, via unfriendly pedestrian crossings, 300 metres to Westfield shops”.writes Pinnacle resident Judith C.

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Pinnacle Apts
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Manningham Council want residents to return shopping trolleys to stores instead of leaving them in the street outside apartment buildings. The number of complaints about trolley dumping has risen to such an extent that Council have now been forced to impose penalties.

“The Pinnacle apartment building might only be sixty metres from Westfield Shopping Centre but the nearest access is around 300 metres away in Williamsons Road, hardly close proximity when your pushing a fully laden shopping trolley up the slope in Doncaster Road”.


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Dumped Trolleys
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“This is why many residents consider it a deterrent and are using their cars because it is quicker and easier to load up in the Westfield car park and you don’t have the worry about returning the trolley”.

Manningham City Council, had planned  grade separating the pedestrian crossing at Frederick Street and/or Council Street in the planning of the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre, but it was never feasible due to design and funding constraints.

Folding Trolley@ $27.00 Could be the answer Click to enlarge

Folding Trolley could be a shopping option.

Pedestrian Access

VicRoads say that construction of pedestrian overpasses would have to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) which requires low gradient ramps. This is unlikely to be achievable at these locations because of the narrow road reserves which would make lead up entries, either side of Doncaster Road, too steep. Apart from the pedestrian crossing at the main intersection at Tram/Williamsons Road, opportunities for pedestrians to cross Doncaster Road to the east and Tram Road South of the Activity Centre will have to be compromised for the sake of maintaining traffic flow. through the area..


  1. Beekeeper says:

    Trolley dumping will get worse as Doncaster Hill high rise plan develops so any suggestion that would bring about a reduction in car use must be considered. It is now up to Westfield and Manningham Council to liaise and come up with a plan to find a better way than allowing penalties to be imposed on their own ratepayers and shoppers

  2. Courvent says:

    The first priority is to locate the trolleys off the street and that can be a achieved by dedicating one on site car parking space per building. The area selected could be concealed so as not to detract from the appearance of the apartment surrounds…its not Hard!

  3. Jordan says:

    If Council do nothing now the place will be littered with trolleys when all these high density apartments are built and occupied. The idea to install trolley stations has merit and should at least be trialed.

  4. Sandman says:

    It’s a good idea but I would not waste any time trying to promote it because our council executives don’t seem to care.
    Not because they are under paid, the CEO and his four executives have had pay increases of almost 11% since the end of the financial year 2013. It will be interesting to see how much extra they are receiving in the current year when the Annual report is published. I feel sorry for Councillors who are paid peanuts but still have to deal with all the complaints.

  5. Elmer says:

    It is up to the residents of the apartment buildings to approach their Body Corporate mangers to arrange a special meeting. If the residents agree to a an onsite trolley cage then submit a plan to Council…simple as that.

  6. Reg says:

    I live about 8 minutes away from Westfield Shopping Centre.
    What I have started doing is on the way home from work, grab a trolley, buy all the large and heavy awkward items (beer, water, wine) and then trolley them home and then pick up a large reusable bag, return with the Woolworth trolley and then buy the smaller items. I have neither been ridiculed to my face or arrested on bringing the trolley back. I have no doubt more people would use the trolleys if they could take them to their apartment building and didn’t have to return then to the Shopping Centre.

  7. John S says:

    I sent this message to a Koonung Councillor.
    It has been suggested that I write to you in regard to a Council decision to impose penalties on shoppers who are leaving trolleys in the street outside the Pinnacle apartments. These people are doing the right thing by not using their car for shopping, but they are not returning the trolleys back to the centre because the entrances are too far away in Williamsons Road and taking them back via traffic lights is time consuming. One suggestion was for each high rise on Doncaster Hill to provide one on- site car space that could be camouflaged where trolleys could be stationed and then collected by Westfield. This would be a win/win situation for shoppers, council and most certainly Shoppingtown.
    I don’t wish to burden our planning officers unnecessarily but seeing as we still have approximately 5000 apartments to go before the Hill is built out, addressing the problem right now might be prudent.

  8. Newtown Wonder says:

    We prefer Tunstall Square even though it takes 5 minutes longer by Car. It is far easier to access, you get a parking spot at any time of day and the Coles supermarket is far superior to anything at Westfield. It will be interesting to see what effect the the entry and exits of the proposed Bunnings store, to be built adjacent to Westfield, will have on Doncaster Road traffic.

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