Cycle Manningham – Lets Promote Secure Bicycle parking.

Do you think we could get  a plan together between council and transport groups to devise, and promote some where we could ride to, and then leave our bikes while we take the bus to work for the day?

How about places the Kids an leave their bikes safely, then jump on the bus to school ?

Places like the park and ride have a major version, but wouldn’t it be good to get wider spread options to promote bicycle usage in our areas .

How many places have you seen?  where should we suggest?  I would recommend any of the bus terminus locations.

Boroondara Council have a good page on cycling for their area


It doesn’t have to be a five star hotel for bikes, but some thing to avoid this. 


  1. KC says:

    I would be wrapped to see this get my kids riding to the bus stop, and us leaving the car at home!

  2. Martin says:

    We do have a bicycle storage cage at the Park and Ride bus terminal but, because there are no safe routes in which to get there, it is always empty. It’s a nice thought but we don’t have flat areas like the Netherlands and there are no safe dedicated paths for cyclists. Manningham were forced to abandon bicycle circuit routes because of public liability issues. The plan for cyclists to share widened footpaths was scrapped because of the danger to walkers from speeding cyclists and the danger to riders from vehicles exiting driveways.

  3. Terry says:

    They are supposed to be providing a separate lane for bike riders on Tram Road but I think they have cancelled it. A crazy idea there is no room for cars let alone bikes. We have a bike carrier that bolts on to the tow bar of our car which can carry up to four bikes so as our family can travel to areas where bike tracks are flat and safe.

  4. Fay says:

    Students of the secondary college in Church Street used to ride their bikes to school. They had a specially built under cover facility to store 50 bicycles and it was still there in 2005 after our children had left the school. I don’t know exactly when it was removed but I am told it was dismantled in 2007 because children were no longer cycling to school.

  5. sandman says:

    There is a cycling track that goes to Ruffey lake through Schrams Reserve from the rear of council offices via footpaths in the residential areas then across George Street. There is also a short path from the council officers via the footpaths in Goodson Street to Westfield shopping centre but it is not being used by shoppers other than that there are very few safe options from Doncaster Hill.

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