On board cameras can monitor the contents of each bin as it is emptied into the waste truck. The micro chips, located in the front of the garden and recycle bins under where the lid closes, then records and identifies the address of the bins contaminated with inappropriate material. 

Bin Contents Monitored Click to enlarge

Cabin monitor was not enough      Click to enlarge

Industry experts had predicted that the vigilance would go further than just the truck cabin monitor (pictured left) and there would be need to introduce micro chipped bins to identify residents who were abusing the system. In the past, when there was excessive contamination of recycling and garden waste bins occurring, entire truck loads would have had to go to land fill. Using this new technology the contamination of garden and recycle bins can be detected and the resident advised of the issues. In addition a radio frequency receptor in the waste truck will be able to track lost or stolen bins


Garden and recycling bins Click to enlarge

Garden and recycling bins
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Micro Chip Under Bin Lid Click to enlarge

Micro chips under bin lid
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Not all Manningham’s  47, 731 rateable properties have all three bins (rubbish, recycling and garden). There are approximately 4,500 apartments in Manningham, many of which are in major developments, that have their own waste disposal units plus smaller developments that don’t require a garden bin. This means that at least 43,000 would have all three bins, which equates to approximately 129.000 bins that are being replaced. Manningham council had estimated the cost of maintaining the old bins at about $45,000 per year which was equal to approximately 35 cents per bin per year.

However the outlay of $5.8 Million for the new bins could be justified in a number of ways. 1. There will be considerably less land fill because of bin content scrutiny. 2. Machinery used to process our rubbish will need less maintenance. 3. The cost of the new contractor will be much cheaper than the previous. 4. There will be reduction in lost or stolen bins because a radio frequency receptor on board the waste truck can track their location.

Rubbish Bin No Micro Chip Click to enlarge

No Micro Chip
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The ordinary garbage bins with the red lid did appear not to have micro chips but in fact they do but in a different location to the other two bins. It would make no sense if garbage bins could not be monitored and tracked since they are more likely than the garden and recycle bins to be contaminated or go missing. Garbage bins are the most used, they are smaller and therefore more likely to disappear. Otherwise It would be hard to justify replacing the old bins, that have served the the municipality so very well, if the tracking device was not fitted.


Not allowed in Garden Bin Click to enlarge

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  1. Mei says:

    There is no way that stolen or misplaced household garbage bins can be traced. The house numbers are just stuck on the bins and can be removed. Even if the garbage bins had a micro chip it could easily be nullified and tracking the bin would be impossible.

  2. Chen R. says:

    We were told that the garbage bins would have a micro chip on the rim of the bin on the right hand side where the lid closes. There is a faint outline there where it was meant to go but no micro chip has been installed. People are putting all sorts of material in these bins including building rubble, batteries and paint residue still left in paint tins and there was one incident reported where someone had put a gas bottle in. It is too late now that the garbage bins have been distributed.

    1. Emond says:

      I can assure you that all bins are micro chipped. While the garden and recycle bins maybe obvious, a different method has been adopted with the garbage bins but they will still have the same function. There is a round micro chip located under the rim on the left hand side corner of the garbage bin.
      In regard to putting inappropriate material into bins, the on board videos cameras have the ability to detect and record offending contamination. You should get your facts right before writing material that is misleading.

  3. Tarquin says:

    There seemed a reluctance on the part of council to reveal that the Bins are micro chipped, I don’t know why, because it seems like a win win situation to me. There will be a significant reduction in land fill due to Bin content scrutiny and their $5.88 Million purchase price will be clawed back in just a few years because the new contractor, Solo Waste Management, is $1 Million per year cheaper than the previous operator. In addition Solo is responsible for the upkeep of all the Bins. It has been suggested that it will be a forerunner to residents being charged in accordance with the weight of their rubbish like they do in some parts of Europe and America but I doubt that will happen here.

  4. Grafton says:

    There was nothing wrong with he old Bins it was just that we had to employ the new technology. The reason the micro chipped bins were introduced was to have the ability to detect contaminated bins which will result in their being up to 53% less land fill which has to be a win for the environment.

  5. Lee Yuan says:

    Hello. Lee again. We need to have strong rubbish bin program. Waste where i come from in Malaysia is terible. We need bin for dog poo at Ruffey Lake Park. I dunt want to carry poo in my car. Which bin do i put poo in at home? Recycle or garden waste? If i put in wong one, will i get in trouble from camera?

    Thank You

  6. J.D. says:

    The flange on the smaller rubbish bin lids that connect to the hinge on the main body of the bin is of thinner gauge and is snapping off in some cases. This appears to be happening when the bin is dropped on its side while the lid is open. If this is to be commonplace then it will be a costly exercise in replacing bin lids.

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