Westfield Extension 1.
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Westfield Extension 2.
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In June 2013, Manningham engineers advised that a grade-separation of Buses through Doncaster Hill would be required. “Plans have yet to be completed but it is likely, given the area topography, a combination of both bridges and tunnels would be needed to achieve the desired grade separation, without this, road-based public transport services will fail to operate successfully on Doncaster Hill due to¬†the delay and impact, primarily to buses, caused by ongoing development and increasing traffic congestion in the activities area and the surrounding road network”

“There will also be

a need for a grade separations for pedestrians particularly at the Doncaster Road/Williamsons Road/Tram Road intersection which links to Westfield Shopping centre and a public transport interchange and/or surrounding land use proposals, presumably funding and approval of the project would have come from our cash strapped state government.

Westfield Drive Closure
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The likely bottlenecks during peak periods at the Williamsons Road entrance and exit of Westfield, after the closure of the western end of Westfield Drive, could put pressure on residential Streets to the east. Westfield customer’s vehicles, not associated with Westfield Drive, from the 13 storey commercial tower for example, could also cross the Westfield land and exit through the residential areas, via Grosvenor Street, to the east. Not to mention resident vehicles from the future high density developments in Westfield Drive who might also use the same route to exit the area rather than have to hack their way out through the Westfield land on their way out to Williamsons Road. ( from Nick Papas)

Melb Busiest Roads (Age)
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Bad news for Doncaster and Middleborough Roads. Both are already approaching capacity and among the top ten most congested roads in Melbourne. (see left) Middleborough Road, number six on the list as the slowest, is unlikely to get any better as it takes more traffic wanting to avoid the gridlock at Doncaster Hill. Public Transport Victoria had raised the issue of the impact of the development on the operation of services within the surrounding road network as did a number of submitters who were also concerned whether the proposed surrounding road infrastructure is able to respond appropriately to the growth in traffic volumes resulting from the centre expansion and adjoining developments.

Minister for Public Transport confirmed that part of the $100 million committed to improve local bus networks across Victoria has been allocated for a feasibility study for the proposed Doncaster Bus Rapid Transit but only along the eastern freeway, Thompson’s Road and Park and Ride with Public Transport Victoria undertaking the study but no mention of more Buses or of grade separation.

Officers should have delayed the decision on submitting the amendment to an independent panel, so as the four newly elected councillors, including two in the Koonung Ward, could have had sufficient time to read the reports and communicate with residents.

Amendment C104 – Westfield – attachments (2)

Council Minutes 13 December 2016 – ABRIDGED


  1. Melment says:

    It seems like whatever Westfield wants Westfield will get even if council can’t justify their back flip. There is no mention of grade separation for buses referred to in the previous report so one must assume they got it wrong and there will be NO increasing of traffic congestion in the activities area and the surrounding road network and road-based public transport services will NOT FAIL to operate successfully on Doncaster Hill after all!!

  2. Howard says:

    The purpose of Manningham officers putting the amendment application before newly elected councilors, scarcely a month on the job and just before xmas, was to limit exposure and constructive criticism for the sake of streamlining the process. In my opinion it is an unethical practice and an insult to the community. It could well backfire on them as it did with C96 amendment back in 2012 which was presented in a similar circumstances. It is no surprise that it is continuing to cause confusion because of the inept way it was put together and the lack of dialogue with the community which has resulted in VCAT appeals being a regular occurrence.

  3. Judith says:

    Westfield have priority, not just over the local residential street network amenity but also over the arterial road’s traffic flow. Not to mention pedestrian access to the centre which is appalling. Council have responded to complaints by offering to erect wayfaring signs! How pathetic, as if they are going to makes the centre any more accessible.

  4. Jan says:

    The buses have to be separated from the heavy traffic otherwise we will have log jam in Willimsons Road. VicRoads are hopeless they will approve anything, there won’t be any joy from the “independent” panel and its too late for councillors. They should have included a pedestrian overpass in the proposal because crosssing the main roads has become too dangerous.There is barely enough time for the physically able to cross before the light turns red without allowing for the elderly or disabled.

    1. Young Brolga says:

      Did anyone see the article in the Age newspaper where Melbourne’s slowest and most congested roads were listed. Middleborough and Doncaster Roads came in 6th and 8th out of 10. Council are well aware that the Westfield development will add considerably to congestion in Doncaster Road, and in Middleborough Road, which has been earmarked as an alternative route for Tram and Williamsons Road, will be chock a block. I have emailed a copy for you to include in this article if it is not too late.

  5. J D says:

    This what council had stated in regard to transport options back in 2013 re the main intersection:
    “Council is of the opinion that even without the provision of rail, significant investment is needed to grade-separate the Doncaster Road and Williamsons Road intersection to provide an alternative option for buses to navigate through the area, without compromising traffic congestion, or increasing the width of Doncaster Road through Doncaster Hill”.
    J D

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