PRECINCT 8, (Intersection of Doncaster Road and Tram Road), Pedestrian Overpass Council’s Draft Urban Masterplan suggests that this key intersection should have a strong pedestrian function. A pedestrian overpass is proposed as a means of connecting and unifying this busy node.

Doncaster Road/Tram Road Intersection Flyover

Overpass at Main Intersection
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Any overpass must be outstanding in terms of its design as this is the high point of the hill and therefore is key in setting the tone for the Hill. An overpass will be visually prominent from all directions and should have a strong visual form by day and night and so incorporate lighting of the structure.

Pedestrian amenity will be a priority, vehicle crossings will be limited and strictly controlled, local residential street to be protected from increased traffic flows and adequate concealed on-site parking will be provided.


Four Corners Flyover

Urgent attention should be directed towards reducing the barriers that are currently present to pedestrians on Doncaster Hill. This should help to develop a high level of connectivity along pedestrian routes and accessibility for the community to the retail, commercial and public transport opportunities at Westfield.

An aim of the Strategy is to satisfy as many person trips as possible by walk and cycle modes. This will require development of a unified vision or masterplan of pedestrian and cycle networks with associated guidelines to shape future development proposals to be consistent with a long term plan.

A high number of signalised crossing points along Doncaster Road and wide medians should be provided to provide a high level of amenity for pedestrians to encourage non-car trips. This will also help to reduce the barrier effect that arterial roads present to pedestrians and cyclists

The Grade separation of pedestrians at the Doncaster Road/Williamsons Road/Tram Road Intersection may be an appropriate design response if it links logically to Westfield expansion, a public transport interchange and/or surrounding land use proposals. However, there is no indication of how or where pedestrian ramps could have been constructed and whether they would have conformed to the terms and conditions of the DDA. (Disability Discrimination Act)

Blackburn Overpass
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Another problem with the overpass plan would have been the variability of height due to the slope of the roads and the need to accommodate a variety of tall vehicles that would be using the two arterial roads.

The the current walk times at the Doncaster Road intersection are barely long enough for a fit and able person to cross let alone for those who are physically impaired.

Unfortunately, despite all the material written and the waffling about pedestrian safety as a priority, the grade separated crossings at the intersection seem further away than ever.


  1. Florence says:

    It need not be all that fancy. We need a grade separation crossing for the protection of walkers. Currently, vehicles turning from Tram Road into Doncaster Road are often running the red light at speed which means a pedestrian must delay stepping off the kerb with the green walking light until all vehicles have completed their right turn from Tram Road. However we have the intersection of two major arterial roads carrying a huge amount of traffic so it would be in everyone’s interest if flow was improved and an overpass, or even an underpass, would make that possible.

    • Attitude says:

      The problem lies with VicRoads and the Government think tank who approved the high density activity centre plan at the major cross roads. Council are responsible for protecting their residential streets not arterial roads. People should be more patient and stay on the centre island and not proceed when the red walk sign is flashing and remain alert for cars not stopping.
      We are older and prefer to use the car to enter Westfield even though we are within a walkable distance because it is the safer option for us.

  2. Jane says:

    A high number of signalised crossing points along Doncaster Road and wide medians should be provided to provide a high level of amenity for pedestrians to encourage non-car trips. This will also help to reduce the barrier effect that arterial roads present to pedestrians and cyclists.
    What is their idea of “A high number of signalised crossing points along Doncaster Road”??

    • Arnold says:

      The are six pedestrian crossings on Doncaster Road, Doncaster Hill, which is a high number by any normal standard and there is also a tunnel for children to enter the primary school further east of the main centre which will be accessed using a lift inside the apartment building at 686 Doncaster Road. Council have allowed the developer to build over the original ramps.
      But it is the main centre crossings that need grade separation and why they would go to all this expense to have it designed by an architect (there not cheap) and not proceed is a mystery to me.

  3. No Name says:

    My wife were told by a senior planning officer from the Manningham Council, that if we didn’t like what is happening in Doncaster, we should move away. Well that is exactly what we are going to do as soon as we find a buyer for our townhouse. They have converted Doncaster from a pleasant place to live to a slum and crime area of the future. We hope to beat the real estate bubble which is inevitable.

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