2001 14.34 C                                     2008 14.29 C                     2017 14.58 C          2018 14.50 C

The above graph was compiled jointly by the Climatic Research Unit and the UK Met Office Hadley Centre. The Met Office climate data recorded an average global temperature of 14.44 C between 2001 and 2018. The last major El Nino event occurred between 2014-2016 when world temperatures reached 14.66 C and 14.70 C respectively then dropped sharply to 14.58 C in 2017 and 14.5o C in 2018.                  Below are the comparisons with NOAA which show much higher readings than the above.

2001 14.42 C                                    2008 14.39 C                        2017 14.74 C       2018 14.69 C

In the same period,


between 2001 and 2018, NOAA recorded and average temperature, including alterations, of 14.57 C.  In their list of the ten hottest years, they have increased temperature anomalies in nine of the 12 years leading up to 2014. For example, the temperature for 2007 in the original NOAA data was increased from 14.39 C to 14.51 C and increase of o.12 C*. Of particular interest are their increases in the years leading up to the Paris conference viz ..2012 from 14.47 C to 14.52 C, 2013 from 14.52 C to 14.57 C and in 2014 from 14.59 C to 0.14.64 C. NOAA  recorded temperatures for 2015 at 14.80 C, 2016 14.84, 2017 14.74 and 2018 at 14.69 C.

*The NOAA’s original data for 2007 was 0.15 C below that of NASA.

Herein lies a huge problem for credibility. The number of times so called scientists have been caught out changing the figures to fit the narrative is concerning.  If global warming is real, why do they need to continually alter the data.  All the more ammunition for deniers of the climate change theory.

Actual Warming Data                                                                               Click to enlarge

Warming In Perspective
Click to Enlarge

All graphs should start at zero as that on the left or as presented by the GISS above.  This type of chart should be the adopted in all schools especially for young students who only get to see graphs similar to those below that might be used to show the movement of the dollar or stock market for example.

If primary school teachers wish to encourage our children to miss school to attend these protests against the government,  for not doing enough about climate change,  they should be provided with climate information that is not magnified and out of proportion as that below.

Most of the graphs you see in regard to depicting the extent of global warming are drawn in such a way as to exaggerate the rate of warming.

At first glance the graph on the left is enough to cause panic whereas the charts above portray the true situation. .


1997 temperature

NOAA 1997 report link above said average Global  temperature was 16.5 C, almost three degrees Celsius warmer than today!

Led by the Center’s Senior Scientist Tom Karl, the team analyzed temperatures from around the globe during the years 1900 to 1997 and back to 1880 for land areas. For 1997, land and ocean temperatures averaged three quarters of a degree Fahrenheit (F) (0.42 degrees Celsius (C)) above normal. (Normal is defined by the mean temperature, 61.7 degrees F (16.5 degrees C), for the 30 years 1961-90). The 1997 figure exceeds the previous warm year, 1990, by 0.15 degrees F (0.08 degrees C).

The record-breaking warm conditions of 1997 continues the pattern of very warm global temperatures. Nine of the past eleven years have been the warmest on record.

Land temperatures did not break the previous record set in 1990, but 1997 was one of the five warmest years since 1880. Including 1997, the top ten warmest years over the land have all occurred since 1981, and the warmest five years all since 1990. Land temperatures for 1997 averaged three quarters of a degree F (0.42 degrees C) above normal, falling short of the 1990 record by one quarter of a degree F (0.14 degrees C).

We thank Judith C. of Kew for contributing to this article.


  1. Gavin says:

    The Met Office claim a 15 year pause in temperatures up to 2014 the year of the el nino. Met Office list the temperature for 1998 at 14.44 degrees Celsius which is exactly the same as the Met Office average between 2001 and 2018. If you eliminate the el nino period of 2014-16 there appears there has been a slight cooling trend.since 1998.

  2. Rodney says:

    Excerpt from a statement on Global Warming by Don Aitkin

    So there you have it. An implausible conjecture backed by false evidence and repeated incessantly has become politically correct ‘knowledge,’ and is used to promote the overturn of industrial civilization. What we will be leaving our grandchildren is not a planet damaged by industrial progress, but a record of unfathomable silliness as well as a landscape degraded by rusting wind farms and decaying solar panel arrays. False claims about 97% agreement will not spare us, but the willingness of scientists to keep mum is likely to much reduce trust in and support for science. Perhaps this won’t be such a bad thing after all – certainly as concerns ‘official’ science.

    There is at least one positive aspect to the present situation. None of the proposed policies will have much impact on greenhouse gases. Thus we will continue to benefit from the one thing that can be clearly attributed to elevated carbon dioxide: namely, its effective role as a plant fertilizer, and reducer of the drought vulnerability of plants. Meanwhile, the IPCC is claiming that we need to prevent another 2.0 C of warming, although the 1?C what has occurred so far has been accompanied by the greatest increase in human welfare in history. As we used to say in my childhood home of the Bronx: ‘Go figure’.

    1. Anomalies says:
      Graeme Lloyd wrote an article quoting Hadley as saying that temperatures in the 15 years up to 2014 showed no warming and might have influenced the outcome of the Paris Accord had it been taken into account..
      NOAA, the gatekeeper, whose climate data is more acceptable to the IPCC and may well have decided its future existence had it not raised the anomalies in at least 8 of the 12 years leading up to 2014..I could not find any other climate data sets that needed to alter published data.
      If you compare the excerpts from five NOAA annual climate reports I have listed below with the NOAA raised anomalies attached you will note what appears be an attempt to demonstrate increasing temperatures in at least the previous decade. “Anomalies may change slightly as missing or erroneous data is resolved”
      The year 2014 was the warmest year across global land and ocean surfaces since records began in 1880. The annually-averaged temperature was 0.69°C (1.24°F) above the 20th century average of 13.9°C (57.0°F) Later raised to 75 C
      The year 2013 ties with 2003 as the fourth warmest year globally since records began in 1880. The annual global combined land and ocean surface temperature was 0.62°C (1.12°F) above the 20th century average of 13.9°C (57.0°F).. Later raised to 0.67 C

      The year 2012 was the 10th warmest year since records began in 1880. The annual global combined land and ocean surface temperature was 0.57°C (1.03°F) above the 20th century average of 13.9°C (57.0°F). Later raised to 0.62 C.

      For 2010, the combined global land and ocean surface temperature tied with 2005 as the warmest such period on record, at 0.62°C (1.12°F) above the 20th century average of 13.9°C (57.0°F). Later raised to 0.70 C

      2009. The global combined land and ocean surface temperature was 0.56°C (1.01°F) above the 20th century average, Later raised to 64 C.

      2005. The time series on the left shows that the global annual temperature for combined land and ocean surfaces in 2005 was 0.58°C (1.04°F) Later raised 0.66 C.

  3. Sel Murray says:

    We have heard about all these dooms day scenarios before: Nuclear Winter, Acid Rain, The Ozone Hole, The Ice Age, RSI etc etc.. but the Global Warming scare has legs now that the money has come for it. We have failed to heed the warning of president Eisenhower: “In holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific elite”.

  4. Talford says:

    That may be the case but if you expect the the climate change theory to be abandoned anytime soon you better think again. School children are being indoctrinated by left wing teachers, the Pope has appealed for action on climate change and Al Gore was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his his work on global warming not to mention Michael Mann, the flawed Hockey Stick man, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize with the IPCC. I could never imagine Al Gore returning the award if the CO2 theory was proven to be a hoax.

  5. Baystone says:

    It may be that NOAA are being honest with their temperature data sets.They owned up to a disastrous mistake when they announced that the average global temperature in 1997 was 16.92 F (62.45 C) which is nearly three degrees Celsius warmer than to day! it might also indicate that they don’t know what they are doing.

  6. Kouta says:

    I wonder how they will deal with a drop in temperatures. Will they say it was caused by CO2 too?. We can prove that our oceans are choking with plastic waste and the rate of pollution yet they hang on to the global warming theory based on man’s emissions of carbon dioxide. Australians are wood ducks for believing all this rubbish. It is nothing more than a cult.

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