Despite their assertions, it is clear that natural fires are actually quite rare and that the vast majority of vegetation fires arise from human causes, including deliberate arson. Statistics suggest that reducing deliberately lit bush fires would have a significant influence on the total number of fires in Australia.

15% Natural causes  Click to enlarge

Senior journalist, Chris Kenny of The Australian, drew attention to the Turnbull’s back flip from an earlier statement, less than two years ago, when he criticised the greens for suggesting climate change causes bush fires: “The lack of consistency and rationality have been exposed by none other than former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. When he was in office, less than two years ago, Turnbull reacted strongly and rationally to claims from the Greens that disastrous fires on the NSW south coast were climate-fuelled. He said he was “disappointed that the Greens would try to politicise

an event like this” and went on to explain why it was not on. “You can’t attribute any particular event, whether it’s a flood or fire or a drought — or a storm — to climate change. “We are the land of droughts and flooding rains, we’re the land of bushfires. Nature hurls her worst at Australians and has — for always, and always will, and always has — often unpredictably.”

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Who could argue with those facts and that logic? Well, it seems, Turnbull can. This month he asserted the opposite view in an article for Time magazine: “Australia’s fires this summer — unprecedented in the scale of their destruction — are the ferocious but inevitable reality of global warming.” By any assessment of the scale of the fires, he is wrong, and his own assessment of patterns and how climate and weather extremes play out, he is wrong.

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And then Turnbull on ABC Q&A: “We have to recognise that we have a hotter and drier climate”. “That’s the consequence of global warming. That will mean more fires and hotter fires”.

In an anti-coal speech in the Senate today, Greens leader Richard Di Natale said: “The government had been doing “everything it can to slow this country’s transition to renewable energy” “Australians are bearing the brunt of their failure,” Senator Di Natale said. “In the last few days we’ve seen bushfires savage Tathra, Bega and South West Victoria. We’ve seen a cyclone hit Darwin. In Tathra we heard this morning that 70 homes and other buildings have been destroyed. In my home region of South West Victoria, 18 homes have been destroyed around the towns of Terang, Garvoc, Camperdown and Gazette. 40,000 hectares have been burnt”.


  1. Florida Mansions says:

    Turnbull said he would not be a “trappist monk” now he was out of parliament, but it was important not to be driven by hate.
    “When you stop being prime minister, that’s it,” he said. “There is no way I’d be hanging around like embittered Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott. Seriously, these people are like, sort of miserable, miserable ghosts.” But that is exactly what he did in spades!

  2. Warren Welsh says:

    How about a Royal Commission into what has caused the recent bush fires and the role of climate change and global warming. I doubt that the alarmists would welcome it, especially the greens.
    The Royal Commission has the power to: summons witnesses to appear before it and require them to answer questions under oath or affirmation, and summons witnesses to produce a document or other material piece of evidence. If summoned, there are very few grounds on which a person can refuse to give evidence to a Royal Commission. Failure to comply with a summons issued by a Royal Commission may result in an individual receiving a fine or in some circumstances imprisonment. In some circumstances a search warrant and/or arrest warrant might be issued if a person fails to comply with a summons. It is an offence to intentionally provide false or misleading evidence to a Royal Commission or by intentionally insulting or disturbing it.

    • Martin says:

      A Royal Commission inquiry, into whether recent bush fires were caused by Global Warming or Climate Change, could summon Tim Flannery, Malcolm Turnbull or any of the “climate scientists”
      Mr Turnbull, could you please advise why you now claim these recent fires were caused by global warming/climate change when less than two years ago, before you were deposed as liberal party leader, you had trashed Greens party leader for his claim that you yourself have now adopted?.

  3. Talford says:

    Turnbull was at it again last night.
    “Here in Australia we are on the front line of the consequences of climate change and the questions many Australians are asking and the questions the world is asking, is why as a nation, Australia is not in the front line in taking action to address climate change and reduce our GHG emissions”. He would be one of the first witnesses they should summon if and when a Royal Commission were held.

  4. Warren says:

    People are saying that the cause and the intensity of our recent bush fires are the result of climate change which I take to mean the one degree Celsius increase in the world temperature since the pre-industrial period.
    Trouble is neither the Paris Accord nor the IPCC are able to define what that was despite it being part of the agreement. Climate scientists, in December last year, only added to the uncertainty when they told the ABC that the methods used to measure temperatures during this period were flawed and therefore unreliable.

  5. Florida Mansions says:

    I have been following the manipulation of temperature data by NOAA and NASA, particularly NOAA, who have just raised the temperatures of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 from what was shown in their original reports.

    If you open their 2019 report you will see further down the report where each year is ranked in order of the hottest years. They have raised each year’s anomalies by 0.05 C.

    NOAA said: “The years 2015–2017 each had a global temperature departure from average that was more than 1.0°C (1.8°F) above the 1880–1900 average, which is a period that is commonly used to represent the pre-industrial conditions”.
    “However, 2018 was just shy of reaching the 1.0°C (1.8°F) mark at 0.97°C (1.75°F).
    They are still using the twentieth average global temperature as a baseline (13.90 C) for each years anomalies. e.g .2016 shows an anomaly of 99 C which when added to the baseline the temperature for that year is 14.89 C.

    They have indicated that 2015, 2016 and 2017 were all 1.0 C above the 1880-1900 the average. This means that pre-industrial period average was approximately 13.85 C to 13.89 C. This is close to the same average temperature for the entire period between 1931 to 1980… approximately 13.93 !
    Further “increases” in annual temperatures might not be possible without changing all the historical temperature data..

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