It is early days, but their is no indication that the current lock down of the world’s economies have resulted in a reduction of global carbon dioxide concentrations, in fact, after only eleven days into May (at 417.16 ppm) they have increased by one part per million above the April average of (416.18 ppm). If this rate was to continue it would exceed the average annual increase rate by a very wide margin.

The anticipated drop in global emissions, as a result of closure of industry, transportation and commerce, has not eventuated and if the trend continues it will be a major blow to theory of carbon dioxide, a trace gas, having any impact on the world’s climate. Carbon dioxide concentrations  were approaching last year’s peak at about 415 parts per million on 24 March 2020 with big daily swings. If sustained, that is already in line with the record high, judged as a monthly average, of 414.7 ppm for the May 2019. The warming in the period between 1910 to 1944 was of a similar scale to the warming periods in recent years. The UN and IPCC told us that this earlier warming was entirely due to natural climate variability rather than human influence because CO2 levels

at that time were too low. This invites the question, why shouldn’t the warming in recent decades also have been due to the same natural climate variability, rather than just man-made CO2?? Many will recall the period from the early forties through to 1979 when a slight cooling (-0.20 C) had occurred. The difficulty for the UN and IPCC was to explain the lack of warming that should have accompanied the increasing emissions.  “The missing heat was not apparent because it went into the bowels of ocean”.           

April 2020 C02  Click to Enlarge

97% of carbon dioxide is created by all the natural sources in nature. Flora doesn’t care where the carbon dioxide comes from in their Respiration of Photosynthesis.

So although the narrative has been that increases of carbon dioxide are causing warming, humans only contribute a small fraction of the Carbon Dioxide by Fossil Fuels as all of Nature where biomass increases biomass constantly increases Carbon Dioxide by 97% of every 2 ppm yearly increase since Mauna Loa Observatory was measuring it. Our 3% contributions is then only responsible for 3% of any increased Warming that has been reported. Even if you argue that since the Modern Industrial Age that 3% adds up every year…you have to include the 97% that increases every year too. So again…to say that Humans are causing Global Warming and Climate Change is a dishonest and twisting the facts to support the narrative.

770,000 Million Metric Tons of natural occurring carbon dioxide compared to 23,100 Man Made out of a total of 793,100 is just 3% attributable to man’s activities, a proportion which has remained constant in recent years, which really means if we want to stop the gradual warming of the planet we must reduce the naturally occurring CO2, which is not possible. The recent increase suggests that closing down industry won’t reduce emissions, so if CO2 is the key driver of global warming then our only option is to adapt. Reducing the world’s air pollution and burgeoning population growth are the REAL issues that the UN/IPCC should be addressing if they are serious about the environment.


  1. Florida Mansions says:

    This is ridiculous. According to NASA the average carbon dioxide levels for March 2020 were 413 ppm. If the Mauna Lao observatory and NASA data are correct we are looking at an unprecedented rise in CO2 of more than 3 ppm in less than two months.

  2. Talford says:

    It may be time for the scientific elite, who invented this disastrous co2 warming theory, to start supporting nuclear energy. Especially in the developing countries where the prosperity it would bring could help reduce their burgeoning populations.
    Currently, there are 450 nuclear reactors in operation in some 30 countries around the world. One of the largest plants is situated in France, where about 70 percent of total electricity generation was derived from nuclear sources in 2018.

  3. GS says:

    If your figures (417.16 ppm) from Mauna Loa for May 2020 are correct then CO2 levels have mushroomed since 2018. According to the State of the Climate in 2018 report from NOAA and the American Meteorological Society, global atmospheric carbon dioxide level was 407.4 ± 0.1 ppm in 2018, which was a new record high. This represents an increase of 10.12 ppm in less than two years!

  4. Florida Mansions says:

    The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is still rising, even though people are driving and flying less during the COVID-19 pandemic. CO2 reached an all-time daily high on May 3rd, hitting levels that haven’t been seen in the more than 60 years since records began.

  5. Talford says:

    They could not have known what was to follow with the adoption and proliferation of digital computers and digital record keeping before the embarked on this carbon dioxide scam back in the late seventies. Humans are responsible for 3% of the increasing carbon dioxide which they say is causing the warming not the 97% occurring naturally which say is no problem. This Covid-19 contagion is a crisis…naturally warming is not!

  6. Dalray says:

    They said that after 1950 man was contributing more than half of the carbon dioxide emissions but has increased to 100% in recent times. Apparently natural variability is no longer contributing to the total! This is the sought of rubbish that is being rammed down our children’s throats by left wing teachers.

  7. Gavin says:

    Well over 100 countries worldwide had instituted either a full or partial lock down by the end of March 2020, affecting billions of people. And many others had recommended restricted movement for some or all of their citizens. The March, April and early May CO2 levels appear to have increased at a higher rate than in previous years.

  8. Len says:

    I hope these CO2 emissions will stabilize then fall in the coming days to reflect the effect of our economic shut down otherwise it will cast doubt on the veracity of climate change/global warming theory and all the good work that has been implemented towards their reduction will be regarded as a waste of time and public money by the climate deniers. We must trust the scientists but my concern is that they may be blind sided by covid-19 contagion and lose valuable research funding in their dilemma.

  9. Rudy says:

    I years to come there will still be remnants of these useless, rusting, rotting objects of foolish left wing stupidity laying about—–wind turbines and solar panels made exclusively in China and exported to Australia while it built an insane number of coal fired power stations.

  10. Julie says:

    Although there are Nuclear power stations everywhere, especially in France, but activists won’t allow them to be our future source of power. Not because they are unsafe but because there would be very little in the way of emissions which would mean the end of the global warming hoax.

  11. Bazza says:

    Wind turbines and solar panels are not as green as they claim. It is better and cleaner to use fossil fuels directly. CO2 in any event is a huge net benefice for humanity and plant growth, the more the better. Is the belief in global-warming science another example of the “madness of crowds”?

  12. Easton Ray says:

    Climate alarmists are alarmed about the human impact on the climate. Most of them are not, however, actually alarmed about climate change per se. That is why they have proposed virtually nothing that would protect anyone from natural climate change. In fact, if it turns out that temperatures and sea levels are rising for purely natural reasons, most environmentalists would probably be against doing anything to stop it!

    1. Parker says:

      If 97% of global warming is due to natural causes why are people so worried about the 3% contributed by humans? My wife has calculated that if man could reduce his emissions to zero immediately then it could delay the tipping point of 1.2 Celsius above the pre-industrial before 2050 by a matter of a few months.
      3% percent of the annual carbon dioxide concentration is approximately 12.50 ppm.

  13. Anonyme says:

    Humans only contribute a small fraction of the Carbon Dioxide by Fossil Fuels as all of Nature where biomass increases biomass constantly increases Carbon Dioxide by 97% of every 2-3 ppm yearly increase since Mauna Loa Observatory was measuring it. Our 3% contributions is then only responsible for 3% of any increased Warming that has been reported. Even if you argue that since the Modern Industrial Age that 3% adds up every year…you have to include the 97% that increases every year too. So again…to say that Humans are causing Global Warming and Climate Change is a dishonest and twisting the facts to support your narrative.

  14. Sherry says:

    The the results in recent elections in both the US and Australia have sent a very strong message to the scientific elite and the left wing….. back off with this AGW bull dust. Your pre-election propaganda was so strong that people were afraid to tell pollsters how they were going to vote.

  15. roger says:

    417.23 parts per million (ppm) CO2 in air 17-May-2020

  16. T Boniface says:

    If we are to fuel the “green” dream of electric vehicles, nuclear energy is the only carbon free option. But nuclear would only supply inexpensive, carbon free energy and that would not allow the UN to redistribute world’s wealth or continue funding the IPCC gravy train, so it must be stopped! (sarc)

  17. Tasker says:

    By the time you add in the use of fossil fuels in the mining, manufacturing, cable infrastructure, transport, maintenance, and replacement of batteries not to mention the clearing of land required, green energy is creating more CO2 emissions than that emitted for the same amount of electricity from a coal fired power station.

  18. Richard Stuart says:

    Daily CO2 May. 18, 2020: 417.00 ppm. April CO2 2020: average 416.18 ppm. (Mauna Lao)
    It looks like about a 1 ppm increase per month.

    97% of CO2 is occurring naturally. 2.6% of the 3% of man’s contribution is by the continual use of fossil fuels. There will be a reduction, however, as more and more countries go Nuclear, the most recent being the Netherlands. Has there been any studies on how we might also reduce nature’s 97%?

  19. Geraldene Sharp says:

    Global carbon dioxide levels are at record high despite coronavirus lockdown. CO2 emissions are not only increasing but also accelerating, according to climate scientists.
    Global carbon dioxide levels have hit a record high despite reports of localised improvements in air quality due to the coronavirus lockdown, according to reports.
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) released data last week showing that CO2 levels have risen steeply.
    According to the US agency the monthly average CO2 concentrations, recorded at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, were 416.21 parts per million (ppm) this year compared to 413.33ppm in April 2019. It’s the highest concentration since records began in 1958.
    Indepenent Louise Boyle New York Monday 11 May 2020 19:15

    According to CO2 earth website Carbon Dioxide concentrations on the 18th of May had hit a high of 417.00 ppm.
    The ABC did not publish this, instead, have reported a sharp drop in “Carbon” due to the lockdown.

  20. Queen Bee says:

    The UN/IPCC climate conference for 2020 has been deferred due to their concerns about the Corona-19 virus spread yet they were never worried about the increased global CO2 emissions from the 40,000 attendees at Paris and the 20.000 at Madrid who had flown in and out creating these huge carbon footprints. The incentive to attend these meetings was provided by a ten day,all expenses paid, junket/piss up , where many of the delegates spend more of the time elsewhere than at the conference itself.
    There is of course an alternative where the conferences could be held on line but I doubt they would agree to that because people would not be interested.

  21. Dulcie says:

    I could not believe how clean and clear the air around Melbourne was in the early days of the lock down. We should press ahead with the development of electric cars, at least for use in our cities, and charge their batteries with electricity generated by Nuclear power. It is air and water pollution that we must reduce along with the world’s population growth. That is our real challenge and we don’t need to paying any more grants to the scientific elites to achieve this.

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