US Judges ruling on appeals from US states, highlighting corrupt voting practices, had conceded there might have been fraud committed in each of the swing States: Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin but not enough to have changed the result of the election. How could they possibly know that? The video below shows four people remaining in the room after ballot paper counting in a Georgia county hall had been suspended for the night due to what they said was a water leak. We were later to learn it was nothing more than your every day leak in the toilet basin. Everyone else including officials, the press and scrutineers were asked to leave the counting room. And then, huge, statistically impossible vote dumps and double counting occurred, giving Joe Biden the lead. This pattern, was repeated but ONLY in the states where Biden had to reverse the results, and hadn’t occurred in previous elections, points to a coordinated effort to steal the election. The degree and scale of what appeared to be voter fraud was unprecedented where the republicans had held large leads on election night. Enlarge video below

The graph below shows the early morning spike for Biden at the exact time the illegal votes were dumped in the Georgia county. The following link shows one of the workers counting the same stack of ballots for a third time! 

Biden Spike And Illegal Votes in Georgia

This “victory” will allow the Biden administration to prepare itself to conform to The Great Reset, by recommitting to the Paris Accord and installing a carbon tax, becoming vegans and having open borders. What has not been mentioned is the warning from the Marxist group BLM who have promised to loot and burn if republicans are re-elected….POOR AMERICA!


  1. John Stanford says:

    Each of the four suitcases, hidden under the table, can hold up to 6000 ballot papers. The workers were counting without observers for at least two hours which means there could have been up to 48,000 fraudulent ballot papers enough for Trump to easily win Georgia if they were legal. And that does not include the double counting of votes.

  2. Judith says:

    They are dismissing these appeals without looking at the video evidence. The judiciary are jelly backs who fear a back lash for ruling in favor of Trump.

  3. Bishop says:

    John Kerry made mention of Maurice Strong who wanted to bring about the collapse of industrialized civilization.

  4. Ray Garby says:

    The democrats were well behind in the swing states and the republicans were being called the winners until late morning “voting” put the democrats in front. They would have increased their lead further had there not already been a record voter turn out of 90%, which never happens.

  5. Angela Garby says:

    All six swing states still in dispute—Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, in addition to Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona—were won by Trump as of midnight on Election Day, and all experienced a massive “blue-shift” in the early morning hours of Nov. 4.@ 68 to 32.

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