Biden promised to stop all deportations for 100 days after taking office and activists are holding him to it. Two national immigrants rights groups have asked Biden not only for a blanket moratorium on deportations but also a halt on any arrests or apprehension of immigrants. Meanwhile a caravan of an estimated 9,000 people are already on the march towards the US border.

Guatemala Honduras Migrants

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei issued a statement calling on Honduran authorities “to contain the mass exit of its inhabitants.” On Jan. 15, the migrants entered Guatemala by pushing past about 2,000 police and soldiers posted at the border; most entered without showing the negative coronavirus test that Guatemala requires.

“The government of Guatemala regrets this violation of national sovereignty and calls on the governments of Central America to take measures to avoid putting their inhabitants at risk amid the health emergency due to the pandemic,” Giammattei said in the statement.

Guatemala has set up almost a dozen control points on highways, and may start busing more migrants back to Honduras, as it has done before, arguing they pose a risk to themselves and others by traveling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Governments throughout the region have made it clear they won’t let the caravan through.

Mexico continued to drill thousands of National Guard members and immigration agents on its southern border, in an attempt to discourage the caravan from crossing into Mexico.


  1. Geraldine Sharp says:

    Why won’t the Biden administration continue building the border wall like a lot of other countries. Instead of stopping construction finish it quickly as possible and win over voters. And likewise if you stay out of the fraudulent and farcical Paris Accord you might be able to claw back some of the 60% of US citizens who think it is all BS.

  2. Kelly says:

    By joining the Paris Accord it now makes the USA subservient to a European UNELECTED body whose previous charter was as a peace keeping force.
    That’s why Trump didn’t sign the Paris Accord in the first place. Funny how things change!!

  3. Ray Moody says:

    I am from AZ, we also bear the brunt of illegal trafficking of all kinds- human trafficking can be even worse than the drug traffic.
    Our southern cities are also overrun with “itinerant laborers” who come from Mexico and Central America, taking all the small contractor construction and landscaping jobs for $5/hr, allowing unscrupulous contractors to avoid paying workman’s comp, SS, etc. All my neighbors have hired illegals, I’ve talked to many of them from Honduras, they go back and forth across the borders, taking their earnings back there, cash under the table.
    Meanwhile all starter jobs except some retail fast food are gone; my son and all of his friends can’t get work without leaving the state.

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