The World Health Organization issued a grim warning in May that this second year of COVID-19 was set to be “far more deadly”, as Japan extended a state of emergency amid growing calls for the Olympics to be scrapped. “We’re on track for the second year of this pandemic to be far more deadly than the first,” said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The Victorian Health Office warned, when enforcing a lock down across the entire state, that the Delta variant we are dealing with was a “beast”.

But latest data from Public Health England suggests that Covid has become more infectious but at least ten times less lethal.

We seem to have forgotten how deadly the virus was last year when more than 800 people died in Victoria alone in just a few weeks.

By comparison this year State Premiers seem more keen on locking their down States without justification… even when there are no deaths and just one or two positive cases being discovered.

Just a few weeks ago the Victorian health minister locked down the entire state during the Whittlesea/Brimbank outbreak …and no deaths mind you.

On another occasion a 25 K ring of steel was set up around Melbourne for several days restricting travel to outer Victoria.

The premiers and their cohorts might not be so oblivious to the plight of businesses owners going broke, as a result these ridiculous lock downs, if they themselves were to lose income.


  1. Paul Jeeves says:

    No wonder Trump stopped funding WHO an organisation that delayed any action on Covid in order to appease China which in the long run gave the pandemic a head start.

  2. Angela Garby says:

    It seems strange that a virus would mutate to a lesser fatal strain no more severe than a dose of the flu. I would have thought the opposite instead of weakening it would become more dangerous.

  3. T. Abernathy says:

    There are mixed messages circulating about the Delta variant, some say it is more deadly than the Alpha variety but what I am hearing is that it spreads more quickly but has only mild symptoms.

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